5 Games to Play This Weekend

Chelsea Stark
5 Games to Play This Weekend
1. Double Dragon Neon

1. Double Dragon Neon

Nostalgic for the '80s? Do yourself a favor and download Double Dragon Neon for the console of your choice. You'll be instantly warped back to the days of side-scrolling beat-em-ups, but developers WayForward have done a great job of both updating and preserving the formula. You again play as Billy and Jimmy Lee, whose girlfriend has been kidnapped. But if the formula ain't broke, don't fix it, especially in this case. This remake has the same gameplay and moves, but with added buttons for things like ducking and throwing, something you couldn't get from the two-button NES controller. The '80s nostalgia is cranked to 11 as well, with mix-tape power ups and a soundtrack that just won't quit. The game is available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for $10. As a nice bonus, the soundtrack can be downloaded for free.

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With the plethora of games out there, it's hard to find good stuff to play on your platform of choice.

We're here to help with a list of some of the best games we've been playing this week. Many are new releases just landing in gamers hands, but we also highlighted one iOS title that's worth picking up while it's on sale. As the holiday season gets closer, we're bound to see a lot of clamor for gamers' attention, so we'll bring this feature to you each week.

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Take a look at our games listed above, and let us know what you're playing in your downtime this week.

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