5 Games You Should Play This Week

Chelsea Stark
5 Games You Should Play This Week


If you are looking for a game that adapts to whatever play style you throw at it, Dishonored is for you. This stealth-action game is set in the fictional world of Dunwall, which has a little bit of a steampunk feel. You play Corvo, a bodyguard framed for murder of the Empress who must win his honor back... by killing everyone. Dishonored is a stealth game, but it reacts a lot to the choices players make. You can choose to kill your assassination targets with physical attacks, magic, by possessing a swarm of rats or through other non-violent means. These choices affect your game's progression and yield different results. One of the creative minds behind Dishonored is Harvey Smith, who also helped make one notable classic game, Deus Ex. Dishonored is available now for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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The big gaming season is upon us, and it's a perfect weekend to hunker down and play some great games.

If you aren't sure what to spend your time playing, then Mashable is here to help. We looked through the biggest, most-popular games this week and picked the five that really deserve your time and attention. There is something for every kind of play style on the list, from hardcore strategy games to quirky arcade titles.

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Take a look at our list above, and let us know in the comments what you are playing this weekend.

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