5 Games You Should Play This Week

Chelsea Stark
5 Games You Should Play This Week
1. 10000000

1. 10000000

For fans of puzzle games and dungeon crawlers, do yourself a favor and play 10000000 right now. This iOS game was just ported to PC and Mac through Steam this week, and will have you saying, "just one more turn" until the wee hours. The premise of 10000000 is you find yourself trapped in a dungeon, and the only way to escape is to reach 10 million points in your dungeon run. All your actions (fighting, casting spells, and unlocking doors) all depend on matching the appropriate tiles on the game board. The first few times through you'll fail miserably, but you also collect resources and gold by matching tiles and defeating monsters, allowing you to level up your weapons and armor before trying again. The addition of 80 objectives add an extra layer to the gameplay, giving you lots of reasons to try another round. 10000000 was one of the most fun iOS games of 2012, so do yourselves a favor and pick it up at its reduced price on Steam today.

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It's cold out and the days are short. What better time than January to get some quality time in on your favorite games?

While there weren't a lot of big retail releases over the last week, we rounded up five of the best things for you to spend your time and money on. There's something for everyone, including new offerings and games we've just recently discovered.

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Take a look at the list above for this week's suggestions. Let us know in the comments what you've been playing, whether it be on console, PC or mobile.

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