5 Free Alternatives to Instagram

Bob Al-Greene
December 18, 2012
5 Free Alternatives to Instagram
1. Streamzoo

1. Streamzoo

Streamzoo lets you follow users (@) or subjects (#) and incorporates a badge and reward system to encourage participation in the community. Choose from 20 filters, 15 borders and six crop shapes, then share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr. Platform: iOS and Android

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No filter can make Instagram's new privacy policy look pretty.

The popular photo app is on the verge of a mass exodus in light of new Terms of Service, which many interpreted as giving Instagram the right to sell your pics to advertisers starting Jan. 16. The backlash has been notable, with celebrity users tweeting their concerns and disaffected Instagrammers casting about for a new service to call home.

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The response was so vocal, in fact, that Instagram released a statement on its blog this afternoon to clarify some of the points from the new Terms of Service. The statement reads, in part:

We've heard loud and clear that many users are confused and upset about what the changes mean.

To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos. We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear.

Instagram users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos. Nothing about this has changed. We respect that there are creative artists and hobbyists alike that pour their heart into creating beautiful photos, and we respect that your photos are your photos. Period.

But what if you simply no longer feel secure on Instagram? Where can you go for the kind of beautiful filters, close community and ease of use you've grown accustomed to?

We've compiled five slick and totally free apps for photo editing and sharing that put a cool twist on the Instagram standard. Maybe you'll find something here you never even realized you were missing.

Do you have a favorite photo app we didn't mention? Tell us why it's great in the comments section below.

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