5 Fascinating Reasons Why You Need To Marry Yourself Before Marrying Anyone Else

Why does one get married? Is it because of family pressure, peer pressure, out of love or because you think time is running out? Well the reasons to tie the knot may be different for all, but one thing that is necessary, is to marry your own self first before you get married to someone else. Self-Marriage is basically a vow taken by you to value yourself and show compasssion towards your self.

Did you know that in some cultures, there is a name given to the concept of marrying oneself, called ‘sologamy’? Its religious significance is the marriage of your spirit and your body to make you one complete being. Basically, the concept makes you more comfortable with your own self, before you merge your life with another being. You might be confused as to what we are talking about, so read on to know what self marriage actually means.

#1. Self-love helps attract more love

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When you love everything about yourself, it makes you happier and more lovable. It is a scientifically proven fact that happy people attract more happiness and spread it too. Being content with yourself will attract the love of your life towards you automatically, without you having to take the trouble of finding him.

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#2. You do not regret your decisions

Once married, many women regret the decision. They feel that somewhere down the line, they have lost their life to their spouse and to his needs. Satisfying the expectations of the husband, his family and later, the children, can leave most women with a very strong sense of regret. When you love yourself, you love everything around you and that reflects in your attitude. You will love the decisions you take, and later on your decision to marry your spouse will be one such decision that will make you very happy.

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#3. You become independent

When you self-marry, you become your own best friend. You learn to depend on yourself for eveything and do not need another person to complete you. So, you can wait for your Mr. Right, without feeling the need to rush into matrimony, just to fill a vaccum. And, when you do find the one, you will be able to establish a well-balanced relationship with him.

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#4. You accept yourself and others

Nobody is perfect; and, marrying yourself would help you realise that. Self-marriage makes you discover all your positive points and accept the negative ones too. You start to accept who you are and what you are. And, once you come to terms with your own self, you become more accepting towards others as well.

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#5. You become more confident

Many a times, when you are not satisfied with your looks, the way you talk, the way you walk or just any other aspect of yourself, you tend to lose your confidence. And, what would your relationships be like when you are making 'yourself' feel inadequate all the time? Do you think that would make you or others around you happy? Marrying yourself would make you more 'at peace’ with not just your inner but also your outer self. It would help you to get the best out of your self. Sologamy makes you a more confident person, and it is this self-confidence that improves your ability to excel at other relationships in your life too!

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So, don’t wait for anyone else to give you that 'ring’. Buy it yourself, and make a commitment to love yourself, and cherish your own self forever. Looking at it will remind you always about the promise you made to yourself. Be happy, spread love, and get lots of it in return!