5 British UFO Encounters Which ‘Prove’ Aliens Have Visited Us

To this day, people swear there is something eerie about Rendlesham Forest - only last year, dog walkers claimed their pets became ill from walking in the area.

In 1980, U.S. Army personnel stationed near Rendlesham in Suffolk saw a strange, metallic triangle which was ‘dripping molten metal’ - and witnessed a light like a ‘huge red eye’.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident - described as ‘Britain’s Roswell’ - still fascinates UFO fans, two decades on.

But have aliens really visited Britain? Here are five incidents which UFO fans claim is proof that extraterrestrials HAVE visited our country - and could still be here now.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

The Rendlesham Incident - where U.S. soldiers saw a glowing craft in 1980 - is unique among British sightings - and the area still sees many UFO hunters today.

Unlike most UFO sightings, it was documented in voice recordings from senior American soldiers, who also drew disturbing pictures of the object they saw.

One witness claimed to have telepathically ‘received’ a binary code, which has never been deciphered.

Reports by retired soldiers such as Colonel Charles Halt sound seriously spooky: ‘While in Rendlesham Forest, our security team observed a light that looked like a large eye, red in colour, moving through the trees. After a few minutes this object began dripping something that looked like molten metal.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, said, ‘Even today ufologists squabble over what really happened at Rendlesham Forest in late December 1980. Did an alien spaceship land here? Were the US airmen who saw the UFO fooled by the light from a nearby lighthouse? Was it a smokescreen to hide a nuclear incident or some other type of covert operation? Or was it a hoax?

The Warminster ‘Thing’

In the late summer of 1965, an explosion rocked houses in Warminster - and witnesses described, a ‘monstrous orange flame, crackling and hissing’.

It came after a summer of eerie sightings in the Wiltshire town.

A local family claimed to have seen a glowing, cigar-shaped UFO which hovered in the sky for half an hour.

Other witnesses claimed to have seen strange orbs in the sky over the Wiltshire town - and reported flocks of pigeons being found dead.

Aliens have since dropped in for visits over the years, accompanied by the obligatory tide of UFO-hunting oddballs.

‘UFOs seem to congregate in certain areas either for a very intense short period of time or they are regularly reported in the same areas for decades. In the UK, Warminster is one of their favourite haunting areas,’ says Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual.

Close Encounters Of The Scouse Kind

Over the past year, there have been an alarming number of alien sightings in an unlikely hotspot for intergalactic visitors - Liverpool.

Alien-spotters the Mutual UFO network claim that 17 alien craft have been spotted over Liverpool in the past year.

Earlier in 2016, police in Merseyside said they had had 13 calls about UFOs since 2013 - more than anywhere else in the UK.

The Liverpool Echo says one witness was smoking in their garden, when, ‘a ball of light appeared, then next to it a grey circular object. The grey circular object was a lot smaller but was spinning around next to it, very fast. There were also three to four flashing lights around both objects.’

Dead Animals In Scarborough

The seaside town of Scarborough has remained one of Britain’s top UFO hotspots, with sightings of strange craft for years.

But some of the encounters are much more disturbing.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigtions Manual, says, ‘ ‘In the early 1990s there were numerous reports of mutilated dead animals, including cattle, sheep and foxes. Often their internal organs and brains were removed.

‘The situation got so bad that a group of farmers armed with shotguns held a night-long vigil next to a fieldfitted with infrared cameras. Three times the cameras were triggered by motion sensors during the night, but nothing was seen or heard by the farmers.

‘The next morning they found a dead lamb in the field itand it had a perfectly neat in its forehead through which its brain and spinal cord had been removed. The cameras recorded a small white cloud with a dark background nearby.’

The Falkirk Triangle

The small Scottish town of Bonnybridge has been described as the ‘UFO capital of the world’ - and town councillor Billy Buchanan has claimed that half of the population have met or seen aliens.

There are hundreds of reported sightings in the surrounding area - described as ‘the Falkirk Triangle’.

A story circulated that aliens ‘Zal-us’ and the ‘Council of Nine’ had personally sent a message to the town council - although this turned out not be true.

Between 1992 and 1994, there were 300 sightings a year in the area - leading Buchanan to contact Tony Blair.

The Ministry of Defence replied that it was ‘satisfied that there is no evidence that the United Kingdom’s airspace might have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised foreign military activity’.

(Images: Rex Features/The Rendlesham Incident)

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