5 Bizarre, Secret Green Habits

Takepart.comNovember 12, 2012

By Julie Hancher for Green Philly Blog via Living Green Magazine

Although I have the beloved nicknames of “hippie,” “recycle nazi” and a few others, I tend to be proud with my green choices. But I still keep a few of my green habits on the DL. Why? Mostly because I try to maintain a low profile and not be the “angry green” girl. Or the weird girl with the green habits. Ready for my reveal of bizarre habits?

1) I’ll carry around “trash” around for a little while until I find a recycling bin. Although I try to find recycling bins everywhere, I have snuck a beer can or empty food container in my gym bag or purse on occasion until I get home to a recycling abyss.

2) I’ll keep something in my apartment until I can figure out what to do with it. I’ve been more cognizant recently that all trash goes into a landfill—where things aren’t breaking down, decomposing or really effectively being reused. When I write my “where can I Wednesday” column, it’s often because I have a product that needs to be disposed—and I have no idea how to responsibly. Right now, I have approximately six pairs of shoes in my closet until I can send them to Terracycle or find a used shoe drive. I just hope I don’t look like a green klepto.

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3) I don’t flush…every time. I tend to go with the philosophy “If it’s yellow, let it mellow.” Having my own bathroom for the last three years makes it pretty convenient. I realized my secret green habit was leaked when one of my BFFs said, “OMG, Julie, I’m so sorry I flushed. I know you don’t every time!” As I had to assure her that I did indeed flush my own toilet on occasion. It conserves water, so I don’t mind this. Don’t worry, though—I clean my bathroom religiously and disguise my habit for guests (especially the overnight type…).

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