5 bizarre inventions to help you wake up in the morning

Michelle Castillo
The Week

Many of us have surely come to terms by now with the fact that we're not morning people. We're just never going to enjoy the sunshine streaming into our windows as the birds chirp the arrival of a new day. We'd rather hit snooze once or twice or 17 times.

Unfortunately, the world dictates that we must get up and go to school or work.

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But fear not! If standard ringtones aren't enough to compel you to get out of bed, these devices could help.

Good vibrations

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(Facebook.com/Wake-Up Vibe)

If you want to start your day relaxed, the Wake Up Vibe offers a pleasurable way to rise and shine. Simply select the vibrating pattern you prefer, slip this vibrating alarm clock into your pants before bedtime, and — well, you get the idea. Warning: Hitting the snooze button may make you happy, but it probably won't help you get out of bed.

Fitness first

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(Gadgets and Gear)

Intimidate everyone and everything that will get in your way today with the help of the Wake Up Work Out alarm clock. To turn it off, you'll have to get your pump on and complete 30 perfect bicep curls. Afterwards, you're free to drop to the floor and bust out 20 pushups before enjoying your egg white and protein powder shake.

Running out of time

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(Facebook.com/Nanda Home)

Guilty of reaching over and hitting the snooze button multiple times? Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels that not only notifies you when it's time to get up, but scurries away from you so you have to chase it to get it to shut up. While it's quite effective on its own, it's even more powerful when paired with a barking dog or hissing cat that's desperately attempting to get away from the scary device trying to back them into a corner.

Worthy of Jack Bauer

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For those of you who like to live on the edge, Banpresto's Danger Bomb Alarm Clock gives you that jolting thrill that only comes with escaping near danger. To prevent this ear-splitting alarm from going off, you have to diffuse this "bomb."

Making a change

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What's worse than losing sleep? Having money taken away from you for no reason! Now, you can combine two of your un-favorite activities with the Banclock. To deactivate the alarm, you have to bribe the device by putting money inside. It's perfect for the person whose number one goal in life is to remain sleepy and poor.

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