How the 49ers and the Ravens Got to the Super Bowl

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire

If you plan on watching the Super Bowl but haven't bothered to watch any football this year, here's a handy graphic from Elefint Designs via Co.Design that boils down the journeys of San Francisco and Baltimore. As Kyle Vanhemert explains, each game in the two teams' seasons is lined on a horizontal axis. Bars on the top represent how many points were scored and by what means. Bars on the bottom represented how many yards each team rushed and passed. So, per Vanhemert,  you can point out "that the 49ers never won more than two games in a row during the regular season. And that the Ravens suffered through a three-game slump toward the end of theirs." Here's the 49ers chart:

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And the Ravens version:

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So get settled, get a beer, and get ready to talk about how the Niners beat the Bills 45 to 3 or that time when the Ravens lost to the Skins by three.

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