4 Questions With Henry Rollins: Voting, Barack Obama and His 2012 ‘Capitalism’ Tour


Outspoken punk-rock icon Henry Rollins is on a mission to get people pumped up to vote this year and inspire them to think about the issues that really matter to them—and the nation. His 2012 "Capitalism" tour kicked off September 6 at Hawaiian Brian's in Honolulu, and will hit all 50 U.S. state capitals before ending up in Washington, D.C., Henry's hometown. And TakePart TV will be there every step of the way. You can follow Henry's progress across America at the "Capitalism" Tour page at TakePart TV. Henry spoke to TakePart about the fan reaction and issues motivating him to get to the polls this year.

What’s the feedback you’re getting from fans? And what are you learning from fans about the election and their concerns?

I’m meeting a lot of people who have lost relatives in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m meeting a lot of people who are Republican but not interested in what the Republicans are putting out this time around. And I’m meeting a lot of people in these so-called Red States who basically say, “Thank you very much for coming here, thanks for not leaving us out of blowing us off or forgetting us.”

Why is the 2012 election open to you, what are you really keeping an eye on this year, and what are you passionate about when it comes to the election issues?

Obviously any presidential election is important. What I’m concerned about is voter suppression, and I hope that Mr. Obama gets another four years in office. I think the person he’s running against would be absolutely disastrous for America.

Aside from voter suppression are their other issues that you’re particularly passionate about this year?

There are a lot of long-standing concerns I have, like education and energy sustainability. And again we seem to have a president who is concerned about all of that, who mentions it, and who seems very concerned about what it’s going to take. And also a different global posture, presence and perception in the world as to how we are. A lot of people think that all America wants to do in the world is fight people, and I don’t want that to be people’s perception of us.

What are you hoping to look back on and take away from this tour?

Maybe they remember that I said our commonalities and our common needs far exceed our differences, which I really think is true, and is something that I talk about every night.

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