4 Free Last-Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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Let's face it, in the midst of a hectic work schedule and Valentine's Day falling on a Tuesday, planning an extravagant date for your sweetheart that doesn't drain your savings account seems nearly impossible.

If you've dropped the ball in planning for a special Valentine's Day date, there are plenty of fun date ideas that don't require months of advance reservations or planning. Best of all, they're free.

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There is no shame in going funds-free on Valentine's Day, as long as the sentiment is genuine and thoughtful to the person on the receiving end. These free date ideas are universally romantic and can set the right tone for an intimate evening alone.

For the Homebody: Movie Night

Hosting an at-home movie night is a tried-and-true method to saving money on Valentine's Day. Bring over a library of your other half's favorite movies (yes, even The Notebook, if applicable) or stream movies through Netflix.

To make this date idea appear pre-planned, quickly cultivate a queue of movies in your Netflix account to show that you've been thinking about this special day all along.

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For the Beachcomber: Midnight Stroll

Last-minute Valentine's Day planners can take advantage of natural (and free) resources like the beach for an evening escapade. Instead of wasting funds on overpriced venues, bringing your significant other on a midnight walk along the shore can lead to a memorable experience without a hefty bill.

For added adventure, find a destination beach location about one to two hours away to serve as a mini getaway from your everyday scene. Your sweetie will surely be impressed by the spontaneous surprise up your sleeve.

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For the Artistic Soul: Art Exhibit

Free and fun date ideas are even available in your own city. Scope out incredible savings by looking into art exhibits in town, from major museums to a local art galleries, for a culturally enriching Valentine's Day date.

Many art events are free and do not require an RSVP. An added perk to taking on this fun date idea is that most art shows offer complementary wine or champagne and hors d'oeuvres. To find an assortment of art shows near you, search your newspaper's local section and peruse city and art gallery websites for upcoming events.

For the Day-Tripper: Weekend Celebration

Instead of cramming in fun date ideas for Valentine's Day into a single night, surprise your love with a weekend full of activities and surprises. Agree in advance to hold off the official celebration until the weekend, but don't give away too much of the surprise.

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Here are some suggestions to make Valentine's Day weekend truly special.

Friday night: Stargaze at the park or visit a local, scenic spot overlooking the city.

Saturday morning: Write down a few love notes and use them as a trail (whether folded into paper hearts or crumpled into a ball, whatever fits your personality) to your partner's favorite homemade breakfast.

Saturday afternoon: Go on a hike together. If you two are regular trailblazers, revisit the site of your first hike together as a couple.

Saturday evening: Fix a gourmet dinner for two using ingredients already in the refrigerator and in the pantry. Whether your skills are worthy of being on Worst Cooks in America or you've got the culinary skills of Emeril Lagasse, this heartfelt gesture will still be a crowd pleaser.

Sunday morning/ afternoon: Take a refreshing walk through your city's farmer's market with your #1. This free Valentine's Day date idea offers fun taste-testing of the local fare and entertainment well into the afternoon, without compromising your budget for the month.

Sunday evening: All that activity throughout the weekend needs a much deserved in-house massage.

Valentine's Day is meant to be about recognition, not necessarily materialistic gifts, so pulling off these romantic and free date ideas will likely score you more points than a box of chocolates.

To make your significant other feel extra special, incorporate personal touches along the like of playing "your song" during the car ride or wearing their favorite outfit on the date.

Just remember: the most successful free date ideas are accomplished when executed with a lighthearted disposition and positive attitude.

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