4.5 Billion Years of Earth's Evolution Boiled Down to 2 Minutes

Neha Prakash

Ever wonder how you got here?

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What multi-cellular lives and organisms and stars in the universe had to line up for you to be born?

It's 4.5 billion years in the making -- quite a bit to muddle through to find where your life fits into the history book that starts at Earth's earliest days.

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ASAP Science condensed that expansive history and stuffed it into one 24-hour day. From sea life to dinosaurs, from apes ruling the world to the Greek and Roman Empires, this two-minute video shows the barely recognizable impact of humans on this planet.

Turns out that we make up just slightly more than one minute of that 24-hour day.

And your own human life is an instant, the smallest fraction of a second in all of the universe's history, but it is a culmination of 3.8 billion years of human life.

So don't fret over those mistakes and regrets, mishaps and errors, the Earth will barely notice.

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