How 4/20 Was Celebrated in Colorado

Sara Morrison

Colorado, a.k.a. the first state in our great nation to legalize recreational marijuana sale and use (Washington state also legalized use, but has yet to set up weed sales), marked the unofficial weed holiday (or "annual celebration of cannabis culture," as Reuters' photo captions put it) of 4/20 this weekend with much celebration and weed smokery.

Despite a rash (two) of possible pot-related deaths in the city, Denver was the setting for the 4/20 Rally at the Civic Center:

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Nice try, government, but marijuana rules were meant to be broken. As it always was, so shall it always be. Especially that "illegal to consume marijuana in public" rule. (Reuters)

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Clockwise from top left: lawbreaker, lawbreaker, lawbreaker and lawbreaker (Reuters)

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Uh oh! Here comes Johnny Law! According to the AP, the DPD issued 21 citations and arrested one person on Saturday. (AP)

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Fortunately for these people, bad dancing and annoying selfie-taking is still legal. (AP)

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B.o.B. got the honors of performing at 4:20. Here he is tossing joints to the crowd, which probably isn't a legal form of distribution. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are playing at Red Rocks tonight. They were in Washington state yesterday. (AP)

All good things ... :

Meanwhile, High Times held its Cannabis Cup trade show/expo. Awards were given in categories such as best US concentrate (303 OG Nug Run Sugar Budder from The Clinic), best US edible (Liquid Gold Delights Orange Meltaway Truffles) and best glass artist (Creep Glass):


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