3D-Printed iPhone 5 Cases Available for Order Ahead of Apple Event

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Taller, Thinner Display

The launch of the next-generation iPhone is still a day away, but manufacturers are already working hard on developing Apple accessories.

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Paris-based 3D-printing accessory company Sculpteo will be accepting orders for iPhone 5 cases hours before the official Apple event on Wednesday, where the company is expected to launch its next-generation smartphone.

From choosing a design which incorporates anything from social networking profile pictures to text, the company has set up a page for Apple fans to get creative with designing a new case. Apple fans can also customize and create their own iPhone 5 case via Sculpteo's website and free app [iTunes link].

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Because the exact size measurements and specs will be unknown before the announcement -- despite rumors and speculations circulating the web -- the company said each design will be adjusted according to the precise layout.

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"If there is any radical changes in the shape, customers will be informed immediately before their iPhone case is printed and delivered," Sculpteo said.

Based on speculation and leaked photos of the iPhone 5, the model for the next-generation case (pictured left) is currently taller than the iPhone 4S and features a wider spot for the camera.

As an added bonus and to prove they were among the first to buy a case for the new iPhone, the company will print the date and time it was ordered on the side of the case.

The 3D printed cases cost $19.95 and ship worldwide.

Image via Sculpteo.com/en

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Taller, Thinner Display

It's been long rumored that the size of the iPhone 5 screen will be larger than the current iPhone screens. Many suspect it will be about 4 inches diagonally compared to the existing 3.5-inch display. Meanwhile, according to The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 5 will tout a thinner screen, which would allow the device to be lighter in weight than ever before.

Image via Lab Factory

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