32-Year Old Mechanic Wins Colombia’s ‘Barack Obama Lookalike’ Competition

Erica Ritz

A 32-year old car mechanic has won Colombia's offbeat "Barack Obama Lookalike" competition. The man, Carlos Alberto Perez, says he joined after his boss and co-workers pressured him.  "I came because my boss made me and the people I work with also told me to go," he said. For Perez, the competition was preceded by a 1,000 mile journey.  When he arrived, contestants were escorted by men dressed like members of the Secret Service. As Sky News reported:

After taking to the stage, the five black-suited contestants sashayed and turned for the judges but Mr Perez...took top prize as Barack Obama. Event organiser Silvio Carrasquillo said: 'There are a number of characteristics we look for - skin color and the eyebrows.' But according to Mr Carrasquillo, a perfect presidential head shape was the winning element for Mr Perez. 'There is part of Obama's head like a little ball, in the back, and Carlos has the profile.'

Watch the hilarious video, below:

Though Carlos Perez said he is "very happy with all of this," he complained that the prize money didn't cover the cost of his journey home.

Too bad the man who "looks like Obama from kilometers away" wasn't able to snag a flight on Air Force One!