30 Women Share the First Thing They Said After Giving Birth


There is something so magical about those first moments after giving birth to a new baby. The falling-in-love hormone known as oxytocin is at an all-time high and the rush of calm and sweet relief that sweeps over you is nothing short of a real-life miracle. Those feelings of meeting a new little person — your new little person — are unparalleled to basically any other that you will ever experience. It’s a shame that moment can’t be bottled up and replayed forever.

Fortunately, many mamas will forever remember those first words they shared with their babies. Sometimes those first phrases are sweet, sometimes they are hilarious, and sometimes they are just filled with pure and simple relief.

1. “We did it, baby!” — Lacy
2. “You were so worth it.” — Stephanie
3. “That was bad ass!” — Lauren
4. “That wasn’t as bad as I thought!” — Danielle
5. “I just need a minute.” — Dana
6. “Are you kidding me? She’s mine?!” — Susan
7. “Oh! You have dimples!” — Jessica
8. “Hi.” — Kira
9. “Oh my God, she’s a girl!” — Elizabeth
10. “I can’t believe it’s over! I can’t believe it’s over!” — Jaclyn
11. “I’m exhausted! Why does she feel so heavy?” — Melanie
12. “I’m sorry for being so angry that you made me wait 13 extra days to meet you!” — Liberty


Image source: Kira Provenzola

13. “Hey there baby girl.” — Sandy
14. “Thank goodness he’s out!” — Betsy
15. “What time is it? That was the fastest labor ever!” — Echo
16. “I can’t wait to have more!” — Carol
17. “Holy shit!” — Kristen
18. “It’s you.” — Marie
19. “The doctor commented that our daughter looked like me as she was handing her over for the first time. My response was: ‘Well after THAT she damn well better look like me!‘” — Amie
20. “You look like a 3-month-old!” — Rachel
21. “Oh my gosh.” — Meghan
22. “She’s sticky.” — Courtney
23. “Is he cute?” — Sara


Image source: Lauren Hartmann

24. “Did you just see that happen?!” — Kristen
25. “Next time I’m having a scheduled C-section.” — Summer
26. “Oh hi Baby. [moans] Oh that hurt Baby!” — Brynn
27. “Why stop pushing? Oh. There’s a baby.” — Dorinda
28. “I knew you were a girl!” — Ravyn
29. “Sorry for saying ‘f*ck’.” — Katie
30. “I’ve waited forever to meet you son.” — Ellie

By Lauren Hartmann

(Top Photo: Echo Zielienski)


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