3, including 2 juveniles, arrested for shootings into cars, homes in Cabarrus Co.

Three people, including two minors, are in custody after several homes and cars were shot into as retaliation for a robbery, deputies said.

On Sept. 1, neighbors living in Cabarrus Woods, which is off Rocky River Road in Cabarrus County, reached out to Channel 9 saying multiple homes and cars were riddled with bullet holes following seemingly random shootings.

Deputies said there were three shootings in the area spanning from that night into the next morning. Cabarrus County sheriff’s deputies found three homes and three cars that had been shot up, discovering 125 rounds had been fired into them.

Deputies said no one was hurt.

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″[The suspects] didn’t care about the houses, they didn’t care about cars. They didn’t care about people. They didn’t care,” one neighbor told Channel 9′s Hannah Goetz. “They didn’t care.”

Investigators believe the shootings were in retaliation for a robbery that happened earlier in the day. Deputies said the suspects acted “without any regard for the safety of the public.”

The neighbor told Goetz she heard gunfire and saw a kid running up her street with a large gun.

“He just sprayed the neighborhood, and then got in the car and they left,” she said.

A neighbor across the street said she heard the same noise while cooking dinner for her family. She said her husband immediately knew it was gunfire.

“All I remember him saying was ‘hit the deck get low and go now,’” she said. “I had all my kids get to the back bedroom, and I put them under my bed.”

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She told Goetz that kids next door were still outside playing soccer and ran to safety.

“How he didn’t get hit, I couldn’t tell you guys,” she said. “He was literally crossing the street as all of it was going on.”

Authorities said Tuesday that they charged Akarrie Malik Bunton, 19, with two counts of possession of a firearm and two counts of discharge weapon into an occupied property.

Deputies said in addition, two juveniles were charged with assault with a deadly weapon, injury to personal property, discharge weapon into an occupied property (vehicle), possession of handgun by a minor, and going armed to the terror of the public.

The arrests gave neighbors a sense of hope, but they said it will take a while to feel comfortable again.

“My kids won’t walk to the bathroom without taking the dog with them. They won’t go upstairs to their own bedroom anymore,” one of the neighbors said.

“For the children’s safety, it hasn’t returned to to normal yet. And I don’t think it’s going to for a long time,” she added.

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