2nd woman who says Herschel Walker took her to get abortion presents evidence of relationship

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A woman who alleges that she had a six-year extramarital relationship with Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, and that he impregnated her and drove her to obtain an abortion, held a second news conference Tuesday to present evidence backing up her claims.

The woman, who appeared alongside her lawyer, Gloria Allred, and again identified herself as Jane Doe, read handwritten letters she said she received from Walker, played a telephone message and a conversation from the 1990s that she said were with the former football great and showed a photograph of the two together in 2019 at a conference in North Carolina.

After the woman initially came forward in October, Walker denied knowing her. "Seven days before an election, the Democrats trot out Gloria Allred and some woman I do not know," he said in a Nov. 1 statement posted to his website.

That response, according to Allred and the woman, prompted the second news conference.

“Herschel, I never thought you would deny knowing me or our relationship. Are you really willing to do anything, including lying to the voters in Georgia to become a senator?” the woman said Tuesday. “Do you have the guts to meet with me in-person in public, look me in the eye and tell me to my face that you don’t know me and that none of what I just said is true? I’m looking forward to your response.”

Attorney Gloria Allred and Jane Doe
Attorney Gloria Allred, left, with "Jane Doe,” one of the women accusing Herschel Walker of lying about their relationship. (Zoom via Reuters Video)

Walker, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia, is facing Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock in a Dec. 6 runoff election. Early voting in the state will begin in some counties in the state starting Saturday.

In the midterm election campaign, Walker ran as an anti-abortion candidate and has characterized claims from two different women that he paid for them to get abortions as politically motivated.

Asked what made her decide to come forward with her allegations and to present evidence — including a voice message in which a man who appears to be Walker addresses the woman as “you big sex puppy” — Doe became emotional.

“I intended to take this to my grave,” she said. “But after the first woman came forward in early October and she alleged that Herschel had paid for an abortion and I heard his response on Fox News and he said, exactly, ‘I never asked anyone to get an abortion. I never paid for an abortion,’ that is a quote. And I knew that he was lying based on my own experience.”

“I knew he was lying and I needed to come forward,” she added.

Pressed on her motivation for taking her story public, Doe responded that she was not driven by politics.

“Voters can make their own decision. All I can do is tell the truth, and I am telling the truth and Herschel Walker knows that I am telling the truth,” she said.