25% of Young Adults Are Facebook Friends With Their Boss

Samantha Murphy
25% of Young Adults Are Facebook Friends With Their Boss
Facebook Boss Infographic

One in four young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 are friends with their bosses on Facebook, a new study suggests.

A survey by security protection company AVG -- which was conducted among 4,400 consumers in 11 countries -- found young adults in the U.S. and Italy were most likely (both 33%) to friend bosses on the social network. Meanwhile, Facebook users in France were least likely to friend their bosses.

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The study also revealed that 60% of Facebook users in the 18-25 age range who are Facebook friends with colleagues do not restrict any content from them. Topping the list of the countrys with the least restrictive users is Japan (73% do not restrict), followed by the Czech Republic (70%), New Zealand (67%) and the U.K. (66%).

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In addition, Facebook users in Italy are most likely to vent their anger on the site (18%), compared to those in France and New Zealand (10%).

"Our research show that a good percentage of young adults between the ages of 18-25 do not filter personal or professional data or pictures that are posted online," AVG’s Senior Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe told Mashable. "They need to pay closer attention to how they interact with their bosses, colleagues and friends via social channels, and ensure they don't negatively impact their future by sharing information in a careless manner."

For a full look at how young adults are blurring the work-personal life balance on Facebook, check out the infographic below.

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