25 Twitter Accounts to Make You Laugh

Christine Erickson
20 Tweets That Prove Skittles' Social-Media Team Inhaled the Rainbow
1. Josh Gondelman

1. Josh Gondelman

Josh Gondelman is an expert when it comes to wit. More often than not, his tweets will leave you wondering why you never thought of that — or at least, how he did.

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Breaking news and small business chatter aside, Twitter is like a playground. Various styles of "comedy" exist within the platform -- I use the term loosely because you won't always find the conventional stand-up or one-liner format many of us are used to.

Twitter has created a new genre of comedy that most of us can't quite describe. It's like a combination of satire, current events, pop culture and stream of consciousness, all packaged into 140 characters or less.

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Whether you like parody, traditional comedians, sports commentary, girly rants or unconventionally weird Internet humor, there's likely at least one account in the gallery above that will make you laugh.

That's not to say these are the only accounts. There are millions of funny tweeters out there, so share the ones you love best in the comments below.

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