25 Crazy Pet Costumes That Put Yours to Shame

Christine Erickson
25 Crazy Pet Costumes That Put Yours to Shame
AT-AT Walkers

AT-AT Walkers

In case your dog is a Star Wars nerd too. Via Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog

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Halloween is right around the corner -- which you've known since August, when all the decorations started appearing in stores. But now it's time to really start thinking about your costume. Still too early? Ok, let's look at pictures of animals in costumes instead.

These animals may have no say in the matter, but at least their costumes are cool. From fictional characters to pop stars, some pet owners have gone above and beyond to dress their four-legged pals as creatively as possible.

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Take a look at some of the best examples of pet costumes we could find. Are you dressing up your pet for Halloween? Share a photo in the comments and we might add to the gallery.

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