25 Best Things To Buy On Amazon Under 20 Dollars

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Amazon Prime Day’s is almost over. So, if you aren't done with your shopping yet we identified the best things to buy on Amazon under $20.

Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) really is the one-stop shop for everybody. It has a wide array of products catering to a wide range of people. If you have thought of something that would make your life easier, chances are there already is a product out there!

The Jeff Bezos founded retail giant might have started out as an online book seller, but has completely transformed since then. Amazon’s journey in e-commerce and digital transformation of the online market space has been phenomenal in itself. However, something as ground-breaking as Amazon also hasn’t been totally free of controversies. Its supply chain has especially been under the radar in recent times, encouraging multiple movement of goods and adverse environmental impacts. But, even though its journey has not been free of controversies, even impact investors are of the view that the company has been instrumental in value creation for small time retailers. By bringing all these small time retailers on its platform, enabling them to market their goods of extensive variety, Amazon has successfully created an online business model that connects end consumers and medium sized retailers.

Ecommerce has also been one of the industries that have withstood the COVID-19 impact across industries. Some industry categories, like household products and groceries, have actually flourished in the online format. According to Multi-Retail Trade reports , E-commerce sales have risen over 30% in the first half of the year, as compared to the same period in 2019. With the pandemic relentless, and unlikely to end anytime soon, we can easily predict that there will be some significant buying pattern changes throughout the year.

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With the lockdowns extending around the globe, and social distancing becoming a part of our lives now, online shopping has also emerged as a solace and respite in these difficult times. People have turned to online purchases for not only their daily requirements but also for their impulse shopping needs. Yes, shopping has definitely been one of the fun activities that we can indulge in all this chaos. Work from home has also made it necessary for us to stay around the house for prolonged hours, making us realize all the household things we need.

We have curated our list from a varied range of sources, including shortlisting the most popular products on other similar lists by popular websites like CNet.com, Bustle, Elite Daily, Wired, Popsugar and Refinery 29.

What makes our list different and more comprehensive? We have also included some latest products which are currently on sale on Amazon and fall exactly in the price range! So if you are fast enough to scour through our list, you have the chance to snatch some crazy deals for less than $20! We have also added extra points for the usefulness of the products.

If you are in lockdown, and don’t have anything better to do than getting yourself some quick pick-me up products online, here are some amazing products you can snag right now. Best thing about Amazon is that you don't necessarily need to burn a hole in your wallet to get yourself a cool product!

Our list has some awesome useful gadgets to some quirky picks that you never knew you needed in your life! But now that you have your eyes on them, you really can’t afford to keep your hands off them. They are just under $20 after all! Also check out our other list of 20 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon Under $25 to score some more options.

If you still haven’t finalized a shopping list for Amazon Prime Day, here is the list of the 25 Best Things To Buy On Amazon Under 20 Dollars!

25. FinalStraw Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw

Price: $19.95

The first entry to our list is also a special entry! With sustainable alternatives being the talk of the town, if you are looking for making a sustainable addition to your lifestyle - the FinalStraw Collapsible Reusable straw is perfect for you. Plus, if you hurry you can get it for a deal on Amazon right now!

24. Coffee mug warmer

Price: $11.95

Craving for a warm cup of coffee. With this superb buy, never have to worry about re-heating your coffee. This portable coffee mug warmer, USB powered, is perfect to carry out to workplace or for when you are too busy to get off your desk working from home!


23. Handheld Fan

Price: $11.99

This cute little handheld fan, is actually a best seller. USB powered and available in two cute color options, this is a perfect addition to your desk, and makes you cool (literally) !

22. Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Price: $13.99

With over 10,000 product reviews for this wallet on Amazon, it really is a popular choice. It is also one of the best things to buy on Amazon under 20 Dollars, that is useful for daily use. It’s perfect for travellers with RFID blocking shield material feature to protect your personal information while on the go!

21. Phone Photography Kit

Price:$ 21.95

Would like to turn your phone camera into something extra? Get all the phone photography equipment you need packed into one it. With various lenses, tripod and remote shutter, this should be your on the go travel photo buddy!

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20. Silicone Magnetic Earphone Holder

Price: $8.99

For organization freak, this product is a life saver. Ever get super irritated about your headphones detangling? Well, this magnetic earphone holder can definitely change that.

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19. Wireless Charger

Price: $11.95

Sleek and travel friendly, this wireless charger is definitely going to be a good addition to your gadgets list. Or get you all covered for your charging needs. It’s perfect for your Airpods.

18. Pet Hair Remover Glove

Price: $7.99

Pet lover? Pet and de-shed your doggos with this pet hair removal glove! This effective glove is great for keeping your atmosphere hair free.

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17. Twinkle Star Light Curtain

Price: $17.99

All you need to get your room Instagram ready! Give your room or backyard a dreamy makeover. This is all you need to Spark Joy in your living space. Totally worth the bucks!

16. Moon Lamp

Price: $15.99

Another one of those trending home decor items that you just need to own! Add a bit of drama to your bedroom or reading table. It’s an instant pick me up, that transforms your room into a little milky way!

15. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Price: $19.99

For the love of your morning eggs done perfectly, this is a must-own! Yes, for some of us out there, we just can’t get our eggs cooked to perfection for the fear of running late to work, this little thing can solve a lot of life problems!

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14. Household Essentials Folding Board

Price: $6.59

Save up on time and get perfectly folded clothes, each time. Keep you shirts uniformly folded with this simple, uncomplicated but super useful device. It’s every organizer’s dream.

retail, shop, shelf, store, shirt, mall, interior, display, fashion, sale, pattern, design, market, clothing, expensive, clothes, business, silk, showcase, luxury, selling, boutique,
retail, shop, shelf, store, shirt, mall, interior, display, fashion, sale, pattern, design, market, clothing, expensive, clothes, business, silk, showcase, luxury, selling, boutique,

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13. Progressive Microwavable Bacon Grill

Price: $12.99

Craving perfect bacon for breakfast? Get this microwavable bacon grill to serve yourself perfect fat free breakfast bacon. The unique design actually drips off the fat. Now you can enjoy your bacon everyday!

12. Smart night lights

Price: $12.99

Stop getting paranoid about turning off lights before leaving the house. Get these smart night lights, which automatically turn off when the atmospheric light is sufficient. These are the most cost-effective, energy efficient solution out there. And apparently, all good things comes cheap!

Remote Control We Connect
Remote Control We Connect


11. Reusable makeup remover pads

Price: $14.99

Another cost-effective and sustainable option we couldn’t rave enough about! Switch to these Reusable makeup remover pads for saving up on dollars spent on regular cotton pads, and get a headband along with them!

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