I-240 crash leaves 2 hurt, lanes blocked

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A two-vehicle crash on Interstate 240 is causing delays for northbound and southbound lanes Sunday afternoon.

The Memphis Police Department responded to the crash at mile marker 26 in the northbound lanes of I-240 in Midtown.

Police say two people were transported to Regional One Hospital in non-critical condition.

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, all northbound lanes were blocked, but the left and right shoulders remained open.

The southbound left lane and left shoulder were also blocked at the time.

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Witnesses say two cars collided, and that one of the cars fled the scene. The other car ended up flipping behind a doctor who stopped to help.

“They hit somebody, and the other car just went ahead,” said Chiya Kones. “They was trying to swerve and swerved too hard and just went tumbling.”

According to witnesses, the male and female occupants of the vehicle were involved in a heated argument immediately after the crash.

“They started tumbling behind me. I looked up and it was like a movie,” Kones said. “They both were okay. They got scratches, but they were talking, and walking, and cursing each other out. I said ‘Y’all better stop that and thank God y’all still here.”

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