How This 23-Year-Old Millionaire Entrepreneur Is Helping Others Succeed In The Markets

Nick Syiek has leveraged hard work and smarts to find financial freedom. Now, he's trying to help others do the same.

Syiek is an American entrepreneur, investor and Youtuber that has reached a $3 million net worth by the age of 23. His foundational beliefs are rooted in disseminating conservative trading and investing ideas and encouraging financial freedom through building wealth in financial markets over time.

His business, A1 Trading Company, provides financial services to traders and investors around the world, and manages one of the fastest growing online trading communities, with thousands of members inside.

Syiek's YouTube channel, on which he is known as "TraderNick", has over 120,000 subscribers. Tens of thousands of traders and investors, many likely older than Syiek, flock to these videos in order to learn important strategies for growing capital through smart, research-based investments.

A Long Entrepreneurial Journey

Syiek's entrepreneurial side has been active for over a quarter of his life. By the age of 15, he started a landscaping business. By 17, his ventures increased to include flipping yard equipment, such as pressure washers, lawnmowers and tractors.

At age 19, with his capital from prior business ventures, Syiek took an interest in investing in stocks. From here, he spent long hours learning and investing in stocks, and eventually made the cross to trading forex more actively.

Perhaps the central event of his entrepreneurial journey was as a student studying computer science at Auburn University. He was able to leverage his technological skills in order to build software that scans, studies and analyzing the financial markets.

Since then, his portfolio has taken off, leading to the millionaire status he now enjoys today.

Helping Others Succeed

After realizing his talent for trading, Syiek decided to help others. As a 21-year-old still enrolled at Auburn, he started the "TraderNick" YouTube channel. Its videos, which garner tens of thousands of viewers, mainly focus on education, entertainment and strategies.

Its most popular video is titled "Simple Forex Trading Strategy: How to Catch 100 Pips a Day" and was viewed by nearly 400,000 people.

Syiek's most recent venture is A1 Trading Company, a financial services business located in Atlanta. Its main focus is to help others find more financial success in a communal way. The company’s Trading Community is central to this mission.

A1 Trading offers forex, stock market, COT and overnight swap market analysis that's easy to consume and apply toward your individual trading goals. Its analysts are FTMO funded or myfxbook verified, and screened based on their skill sets and trading experience.

The A1Trading team from left to right: Julie, Nick, Frank, and Will
The A1Trading team from left to right: Julie, Nick, Frank, and Will

The A1Trading team.

The company really shines in its ability to bring like-minded traders together to discuss trade ideas and strategies. Its collaborative VIP Discord server includes access to video and PDF trading plan examples and educational materials for traders of all levels.

Syiek realized the trading and investing experience, especially as it relates to retail traders, can be a lonely one. A1 Trading attempts to fill this void by creating an exclusive trading club in which members get to work together and learn from experienced traders and analysts.

More To Come

Syiek is just getting started. At the tender age of 23, he’s already helping thousands of people beat the market and gain relationships while doing so.

"Our goal is to bring traders together, and provide them with the best tools and insights that we can," he said. "Trading and investing is our passion, and we're excited every day to share it with the world."

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