23 of the most iconic rock star-model couples in history

Side by side of Pamela and Tommy next to Iman and David.
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and Iman and David Bowie.Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images; Ron Galella/Getty Images
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  • The rock star-and-supermodel pairing has reigned supreme throughout the decades.

  • Some like Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach have had enduring, decades-long relationships.

  • Other celebrity couples like Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock have had wild-yet-brief romances.

The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger dated model Chrissie Shrimpton at the beginning of his career.

Black and white photo of Mick and Chrissie looking to the side with their mouths open surprised.
Mick Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton in 1965.Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton's younger model sister, Chrissie Shrimpton, had a three-year relationship with The Rolling Stones frontman from 1963 to 1966. The two met at the Ricky-Tick club in 1963 when Jagger was 19 and a college student – just weeks before his band made it big – and when Shrimpton was a secretary at 17.

Shrimpton told the Daily Mail in 2012, "We'd be walking down the street, and suddenly he'd see some Stones' fans. My hand would suddenly be dropped and he'd be walking ahead on his own."

"I hated all the fan hysteria stuff, and I wasn't that interested in running around the clubs and everything rock chicks are supposed to do," Shrimpton added. "All I wanted was to have babies and be normal."

The pair started a relationship with plans to get married and live together, but Jagger admitted that he just wanted to live with Shrimpton and never marry, which was taboo. Shrimpton agreed to these terms, but she said amid his "controlling" nature, touring schedule, and infidelities, she attempted to end her life. They broke up in 1966.

However, she added she didn't want to fully blame Jagger for their rocky relationship, saying, "We were both very, very young."

While he has not spoken about their relationship publicly, Jagger has taken out two injunctions related to Shrimpton, one in 1992 to prevent a girl he wrote letters to – while dating Shrimpton – from publishing them, and another in 2012 against Shrimpton to prevent her from publishing the love letters he once wrote her, according to the Daily Mail.

In 1976, Jagger left his marriage to Bianca Jagger to date, marry, and have children with supermodel Jerry Hall.

Jerry smiling in a sheer black dress and Mick smiling in a blazer and purple shirt.
Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger in 1983.Tom Wargacki/Getty Images

Hall left her relationship with Roxy Music's Brian Ferry, while Jagger left his wife, Bianca Jagger, who divorced him in 1978. Hall wrote in her 2010 book, "Jerry Hall: My Life in Pictures," that Jagger invited Hall and Ferry over for dinner but was clearly "smitten" with the model, as per InStyle.

Jagger and Hall started an on-again-off-again relationship and had four children between 1984 and 1997.

They had a tumultuous relationship with Jagger telling Hall she was "impossible to live with" when she didn't smoke, as per People, and Hall telling Jagger she'd leave him if he didn't stop taking drugs, which he did, as per The Guardian.

Hall briefly left Jagger in 1982 for another man only to return and get unofficially married to the rock star in 1990 in Bali.

"We just broke up for a while," Jagger told Rolling Stone in 1983 about their split.

She then left again in 1992 after it was rumored that Jagger had an affair with model Carla Bruni. The final straw came in 1999 when Hall found out that model Luciana Morad was carrying Jagger's child.

"I didn't like the idea of annulling after 23 years and four children," Hall told The Guardian in 2010. "It seemed a bit rude."

In 2015, she told the Radio Times, "I thought Mick would eventually change, but he didn't ... I mean he's Mick Jagger and millions of girls throw themselves at him, and he's in the position where he says yes."

"We actually have a really nice relationship now," she added.

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison's 11-year relationship, which started in 1964, was also reportedly full of high-profile affairs.

Pattie in a burgundy top and beret and George hugging her in a blue suit.
Pattie Boyd and George Harrison in 1966.Bettmann/Getty Images

The Beatle met model Pattie Boyd on the set of his band's film "A Hard Day's Night" in 1964. They quickly had a courthouse wedding in 1966 and stayed together for 11 years. On one end, there was love — Boyd inspired The Beatles' love song "Someday" — and on the other, there were infidelities from both parties.

The most famous affairs were between Boyd and rock star Eric Clapton (more on that later) and between Harrison and Ringo Starr's wife, Maureen Starkey Tigrett.

The Beatles' tour manager, Chris O'Dell, wrote in his 2021 book that in 1970, "[George] turned to Ringo and said: 'You know, Ringo, I'm in love with your wife,'" as per the Express. This was the final straw for Pattie, who went on to divorce Harrison in 1974, which was finalized in 1977.

Starr's biographer, Michael Seth Starr, wrote, "Pattie, meanwhile, avenged George's betrayal by returning to her modeling career – something George had always forbidden," as per the Express.

Boyd then had an affair with The Faces' (and The Rolling Stones') Ronnie Wood, as the rock star told the Daily Mail in 2007. In turn, Harrison had an affair with Wood's wife, Krissy Wood, Michael Seth Starr Starr told the Express.

Boyd and Harrison stayed in touch, though, and Harrison even performed at Boyd's 1979 wedding to Clapton. Then in 2001, after suffering from cancer, the musician arranged to meet Boyd to say a final goodbye, months before his death, as per Smooth Radio.

Boyd told the publication in 2022, "When I left him for Eric, he had said that if things didn't work out, I could always come to him. It was such a selfless, loving thing to say."

While married to Harrison, Boyd started an affair with Eric Clapton, whom she later married and divorced.

Pattie with her hair up and a flower in her hair and Eric with a hat, scarf, and jacket on.
Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton in 1975.Graham Wiltshire/Getty Images

Eric Clapton was friends with George Harrison when he met his wife, Pattie Boyd. Clapton fell for the taken model, telling Harrison in 1970, "I'm in love with your wife," as revealed in his 2007 book "Clapton: The Autobiography," the New York Post reported.

When his advances went unacknowledged by Boyd, Clapton wrote the heartbreak song "Layla" with Derek and the Dominoes.

In her 2007 autobiography, Boyd wrote that Clapton made her listen to that song "about a man who falls hopelessly in love with a woman who loves him but is unavailable." She added, "My first thought was: 'Oh God, everyone's going to know this is about me,'" as per the Daily Mail.

"With the realisation that I had inspired such passion and creativity, the song got the better of me. I could resist no longer," she wrote.

Clapton also wrote the 1977 song "Wonderful Tonight" about her.

The pair started their affair through the end of her marriage with Harrison, but Boyd left when Clapton apparently got close to another model. Once that fling was seemingly over, Boyd agreed to marry him during a tour stop in Arizona in 1979.

"It was like hitching a ride on a shooting star: a fantastic experience that caused immense pain, but I'm glad I had it," Boyd added in her book.

Clapton's affair with Italian TV personality Lory Del Santo led to a child in 1986, and prompted Boyd and Clapton's divorce in 1987.

The New York Times wrote that Clapton didn't defend himself or his actions in his autobiography. Clapton told the publication in 2007, "I just tried to take responsibility for all the different phases of my life."

Keith Moon started dating Annette Walter-Lax in 1974 and they stayed together before he died of a drug overdose four years later.

Keith smiling in a suit and Anette smiling in a fur coat and green dress.
Keith Moon and Annette Walter-Lax in 1977.Graham Wiltshire/Getty Images

The Who's legendary drummer was formerly in a tumultuous marriage with model Kim Kerrigan, with whom he had a daughter. Towards the end of that relationship, he began dating model Annette Walter-Lax.

Talking about their four-year relationship, Walter-Lax told Rock Cellar Magazine, "The best thing about having Keith as a boyfriend was that he took me for an experience in my life that I had never thought in a million years was going to happen to me," also adding that the worst part was his "dark side."

Then on September 7, 1978, after the pair attended a movie screening and went home, Moon took prescribed alcohol treatment pills. The next morning, the model found her boyfriend dead at 32 years old, reportedly from an overdose from the pills.

"Had he not changed, our relationship wouldn't have lasted, I don't think," she said.

She wrote about their relationship in her 2019 book, "The Last Four Years: A Rock Noir Romance."

Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach have been together for over 40 years.

Black and white photo of Barbara and Ringo in jackets sitting on a bench.
Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr in 1981.Michael Putland/Getty Images

Both The Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr, and editorial model-actress Barbara Bach were married with children prior to meeting at 40 and 33 years old, respectively. After The Beatles broke up and Bach had her big break as a Bond Girl in the 1977 film "The Spy Who Loved Me," they met on the set of the 1980 film "Caveman."

They married the following year. But the pair started their relationship by drinking heavily and taking hard drugs.

Starr said in the documentary "Still the Greatest," that he "was told by the staff that I'd trashed the house so badly they thought there had been burglars, and I'd trashed Barbara so badly they thought she was dead," according to Grunge.

"It was their drugs hayday," Bach's daughter Francesca Gregorini told The Mirror in 2020.

Because of this, in 1988, both stars checked into rehab to deal with their drug and alcohol problems and came out stronger.

"There's no escape ... I think I love Barbara as much (today) as I did (when we met)," Starr told Business Standard in 2015. "And I'm beyond blessed that she loves me and we're still together."

They've been married for over 40 years.

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen have also had a successful relationship for over 40 years.

Patti smiling in a vest and Keith in sunglasses and a white shirt and jacket.
Patti Hansen and Keith Richards in 1993.Ron Galella/Getty Images

The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards has had one of the most enduring relationships in rock history — he's still with wife, American model Patti Hansen, after 42 years.

The pair's birthdays have played pivotal roles in their relationship timeline. They met in 1979 on Hansen's 23rd birthday, then reconnected later that year on Richards' 36th birthday, and married in 1983 on his 40th birthday.

Richards said he was set up to meet the "Vogue" cover model and face of Calvin Klein Jeans at her birthday party. "When Patti and I met it was just ... boom," Richards told Vanity Fair in 2018, although he acknowledged that she was uninterested at first.

It wasn't until his birthday that they formed a connection and a relationship. They share two daughters together.

Richards told GQ in 2015, "Baby, what counts is family. This is what I did it for."

Hansen told Harper's Bazaar in 2011 that in the beginning, Richards would make her mixtapes, make collages, and write notes in his own blood. And although they dealt with a hectic rock 'n' roll lifestyle, substance abuse, and health issues, she added, "I guess we've beaten what takes out most people."

After meeting in 1983, Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel were together for 10 years.

Christine in a blazer leaning over to Billy in a suit and tie.
Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel in 1987.Ron Galella/Getty Images

When Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley met in 1983, they had both recently left relationships – Joel from his first wife, Elizabeth Weber, and Brinkley from race car driver Olivier Chandon de Brailles.

Both were vacationing in St. Barts when they met at a sing-along at an island bar, he told Rolling Stone in 1986.

"The music was the key to the introduction," Joel told the publication, adding, "I got a crush on her right then and there."

After returning home, Joel read that Brinkley's ex Chandon died in a car accident. He reached out, offering to be a friend in her time of need, which prompted their relationship. Brinkley then featured in the music video for "Uptown Girl."

They married on a yacht in 1985 and had their daughter together later that year.

In a 1990 interview with Rolling Stone, Joel said their relationship didn't change them, just how people perceived them. "Don't people realize that the minute the door closes, all of the silly rock star/supermodel stuff goes right out the window?" he asked.

But in 1993, weeks after Joel's album "River of Dreams" was released, which Brinkley painted the cover art for, the couple announced they were separating. Brinkley cited differences in wanting to live on opposite sides of the country and Joel's busy tour schedule for the split, according to People. They officially divorced in 1995.

In 2019, Brinkley told People that she's still on good terms with the singer. "Many years after our divorce, Billy would still come to my house for the Christmas singalong and play the piano," she said.

Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek were together for 29 years. She made headlines for being removed from his will when he passed in 2019.

Paulina smiling in a jacket and Ric in a red shirt, flower tie, and leather jacket.
Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek in 1990.Kypros/Getty Images

The Cars' frontman Ric Ocasek met the young and then-Sports Illustrated model Paulina Porizkova on the set of his band's 1984 music video "Drive." Although he was married, he was intrigued by Porizkova.

"It was love at first sight," a producer on the video told Page Six, adding, "He couldn't believe anyone that beautiful would want to be with him."

They married in 1989 and had two sons together. However, the model said in a 2021 interview that she felt her husband stopped loving her or paying her attention. When she gave an ultimatum to change his ways or divorce, Ocasek reportedly didn't put up a fight.

The couple separated in 2018, seemingly amicably, and continued living together as Ocasek was sick and Porizkova wanted to help. But in 2019, Ocasek died from heart disease. In 2020, she learned that he had removed her from his will because he felt "abandoned."

Porizkova was forced to leave her house. On Instagram, she wrote, "Letting go of thirty years - letting go of everything I've known- everything that made me feel safe."

After being enraptured by Yasmin Parvaneh's beauty in 1984, Simon Le Bon is still married to her to this day.

Yasmin smiling in a black blazer and Simon smiling in a black blazer.
Yasmin Parvaneh and Simon Le Bon in 1990.Ron Galella/Getty Images

The Duran Duran frontman met model Yasmin Parvaneh in 1984 after seeing her photo and knowing he had to meet one of the biggest models of the '80s, according to the Daily Mail.

After meeting, Le Bon and Parvaneh had an impromptu wedding in 1995, which included a dress from Benetton, a £30 ($37) wedding ring, and a guest list of anyone they told the night before, the model told The Sydney Morning Herald in 2021.

"I think part of the reason that we're still together is because we had a ramshackle wedding anyway," Parvaneh, now Yasmin Le Bon, told Daily Mail in 2021.

She also said she quit her modeling career after marrying, but quickly returned to it, sticking with it even after having three daughters, while her husband toured.

"I'm so glad I hung on for dear life in this profession because everyone needs to be represented," she told the Herald.

Iman said she will "never remarry" following David Bowie's 2016 death and their 26-year relationship.

Iman in a brown dress leaning over to David in a brown suit sitting at a table.
Iman and David Bowie in 1990.Ron Galella/Getty Images

After two marriages and shortly after retiring from modeling, Iman was set up on a date with the legend David Bowie in 1990.

"I couldn't sleep for the excitement of our first date. That she would be my wife, in my head, was a done deal," Bowie told Hello! magazine in 2000. "I just knew she was the one."

At first Iman wasn't on board, but after a couple of weeks she was.

"I definitely didn't want to get into a relationship with somebody like him," she told The Guardian in 2014. "But as I always said: I fell in love with David Jones. I did not fall in love with David Bowie."

The pair had a wedding ceremony in Switzerland in 1992, quickly followed up by an official one in Italy. Then in 2000, they welcomed a daughter together, raising her in New York.

Even as megastars they had a low-profile relationship. And when Bowie passed from liver cancer in 2016, even his sickness was concealed from friends and fans alike.

In a 2018 interview with Porter, Iman said, "I will never remarry," adding, "He is always going to be my husband."

Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour had a brief and tumultuous relationship from 1991 to 1993.

Stephanie in a brown and black lace top and Axl in a suit and T-shirt
Stephanie Seymour and Axl Rose in 1991.Ron Galella/Getty Images

Guns N' Roses' frontman Axl Rose met editorial and runway model Stephanie Seymour in 1991 when she was cast to star in two of the band's music videos for "November Rain" and "Don't Cry."

But their public relationship didn't have many highs. Seymour was reported to have had an affair in 1992 with Charlie Sheen.

Then after getting engaged in 1993, they quickly separated because Rose filed a lawsuit, claiming Seymour stole money and jewelry and beat him at a 1992 Christmas party, according to reports. Seymour countersued, saying Rose actually beat her. They settled the matter in court in 1994, according to Biography.com.

"Getting involved with Axl Rose? Clearly a mistake," Seymour told Harper's Bazaar in 2014. "He was a violent person, and I realized I never wanted to be around that again. The thrill of the whole rock 'n' roll thing wore off."

Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter had a nine-year relationship that ended when the model left him in 1999.

Rachel in a black sheer lace sparkly dress and Rod smiling in a striped suit and tie.
Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart in 1991.Ron Galella/Getty Images

Stewart and Hunter met in 1990 at a Los Angeles nightclub. To win her over, Stewart, who is 25 years her senior, mimicked her aerobic workout video moves. Just three weeks later, the rock star proposed and the couple got married within the same year.

They had two children together. Then, in 1999, Hunter walked out on Stewart, to the shock of fans and the musician himself.

"I couldn't believe it," Stewart told the Daily Mail in 2019. "I was a rock star. You don't dump a rock star!

"But she was just 21 when we married and a mum a year later. My sister Mary told me she was too young for me as we were walking down the aisle. And she was right," he added.

"To the outside world, I was mother of two beautiful kids, a wife to Rod and a successful model without any financial worries, but, inside, I was in torment," Hunter told the New York Post in 2001.

"In the nine years we were together, I'd never done anything for myself," she told the Mirror in 2001.

The model explained that while she loved Stewart, she was still young and hadn't lived life yet and didn't want any regrets.

Lenny Kravitz helped produce model Vanessa Paradis' third album in 1992, and they were together for five years.

Lenny in dark sunglasses and a jacket next to Vanessa in a blazer.
Lenny Kravtiz and Vanessa Paradis in 1994.Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

While Kravitz and Paradis were often pictured together on city streets and at fashion shows during their relationship from 1992 to 1997, the pair haven't spoken much about each other since.

Model and singer Paradis had recorded two successful French albums when she moved to America in 1992 to create an English-speaking album.

The pair started dating and Kravitz helped write and produce her album "Vanessa Paradis," which did well in Europe. She began touring in 1993 and the pair stayed together until 1997.

Paradis then went on to date Johnny Depp in 1998.

And while Kravitz and Paradis haven't spoken publicly about their past relationship, they seem in good standing, with the rock star posting a birthday message and photo for the model in 2020.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have one of the wildest on-and-off relationships in rock 'n' roll history that lasted 16 years.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee at a 1995 Grammys awards after-party.
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee at a 1995 Grammys awards after-party.Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

By the time Pamela Anderson met Mötley Crüe's drummer Tommy Lee on New Years Eve in 1994, she already had a successful career as a Playboy model and was starring in "Baywatch."

Then in February 1995, Lee flew to Anderson's photo shoot in Mexico, proposed to her three days later, and they got married the following day on a beach.

In 1998, Anderson told Interview Magazine, "Tommy and I started out having a very intense, fun, crazy relationship because we were two kids."

Anderson fell pregnant, right before the couple learned that their infamous honeymoon tape was stolen and being sold online in 1996. The pair had two children, but in 1998, their relationship turned sour when Anderson claimed Lee hit her, leading to his arrest on domestic violence charges. He was found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail.

While Anderson filed for divorce, the couple got back together after Lee's stint in jail.

In 2001, they broke up again and Anderson started dating singer Kid Rock, who proposed a year later, and they were married for a few months in 2006. Then again, Anderson and Lee got back together between 2007 and 2010.

Though they've had a hot-and-cold relationship, they've often said kind words about each other.

At Anderson's Comedy Central Roast in 2005, Lee said, "Pam and I shared one of history's greatest romances," adding, "You've always been there for me, and your spirit and kindness is an inspiration to me."

And in 2015, Anderson told People, "There was Tommy and then there was nobody else. He was the love of my life."

In 2022, Hulu released "Pam and Tommy," a reenactment of the couple's wild beginnings and tape scandal.

During her rocky relationship with Lee, Anderson also had an on-and-off relationship with Kid Rock from 2001 to 2006.

Pamela smiling in a pink halter top and Kid Rock wearing a fedora and tank top.
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock in 2001.Stringer/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock pair met at a VH1 "Divas Live" tribute in 2001 and immediately hit it off.

"I was thinking, 'Wow, here's someone who kinda thinks like I do. Let's go out and have a great (expletive) time and party like animals,'" Rock told Spin in 2001, as per People. "But there's a time and a place for that, and a time and a place for family," referencing both parties' children.

In 2002, the musician proposed, but the couple split in 2003. After getting back together temporarily with Lee, Anderson reunited with Rock in 2006 and they finally got married in St. Tropez. Months later, they divorced.

Anderson claims it was because Rock didn't like her cameo in the 2006 film "Borat." Rock claims it was because he believed Anderson lied about having a miscarriage, as per an interview he gave Rolling Stone in 2007.

In response, Anderson told the publication, "I hope his album does well. I hope he's happy in life. We were married for four months. If he has nothing nice to say about me, then please tell him to stop talking about me."

Following their wedding in 2008, Heidi Klum and Seal renewed their vows every year before divorcing in 2012.

Heidi smiling in a black green and red dress and Seal smiling in a black suit.
Heidi Klum and Seal in 2004.Franziska Krug/Getty Images

After the OG Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum dated Red Hot Chili Peppers' frontman Anthony Kiedis in the early aughts, she dated singer-songwriter Seal. The pair married in 2008 and renewed their vows each year.

"I thought it would be kind of, like, fun. I thought it would be a fest of love," Klum told the Sunday Times in 2021, according to People. "But you know, that doesn't work either. I tried, you can't say I didn't try!"

They had three children but divorced in 2012 and endured custody battles.

Discussing coparenting, Seal told Us Weekly in 2021, "If you are a team, if both parents are a team, then it's really easy and that's not a real challenge at all."

But he added, "I never had that teamwork [with Klum]."

Jack White and Karen Elson were together for six years.

Jack in a black suit and shirt and Karen with red hair and a black dress.
Jack White and Karen Elson in 2010.Paul Morigi/Getty Images

The White Stripes' frontman Jack White met supermodel Karen Elson in 2005 on the set of his band's music video "Blue Orchid." The pair then quickly became a couple and got married that same year on a canoe in South America.

They went on to have two children, but they opted to file for divorce in 2011. White released a statement in 2011 to announce their separation, saying they "remain dear and trusted friends and co-parents to our wonderful children," as per Rolling Stone.

In the same statement, he shared that the pair were having a divorce party together.

While their marriage first ended amicably, in 2013 Elson filed a restraining order against White, saying she felt he was threatening her and their children.

White made a countermotion, which read, "The reason for filing this response is that Mr. White does not want to be portrayed as something he is not, violent toward his wife and children," as per Rolling Stone.

The restraining order was ultimately granted in 2013.

In 2022, Elson revealed that when divorcing, they tried to practice Gwenyth Paltrow's "conscious uncoupling" technique.

"That all fell on its head, but now I can wholeheartedly say that my ex-husband is a dear friend and someone I love," Elson said, according to the Daily Mail.

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty had a short-lived romance that was constantly documented by paparazzi.

Pete in a fedora, blazer, and scarves with his arm around Kate's shoulders.
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty in 2007.Yui Mok/PA Images/Getty Images

The Libertines' frontman's "bad boy" persona and supermodel Kate Moss' "bad girl" persona were enhanced after meeting in 2005.

The pair were supposedly constantly partying. In 2005, they attended a party that was secretly videotaped, capturing Moss cutting lines of cocaine and teasing Doherty with it. The video and images were sold and released by the Daily Mirror.

Moss lost several contracts reportedly worth up to $4 million, according to Vanity Fair.

Amidst this and Doherty's frequent drug arrests, the couple stayed together and were briefly engaged until breaking it off in 2007.

After breaking up, Doherty told the Mirror in 2007, "I love her with all my heart. I like the way she walks and talks. I love her bones. I love her brain," while simultaneously saying she was "insane" and a "nasty old rag."

They seemed to repair their relationship, though. In March 2022, Doherty told the Mirror that she sends him Christmas cards every year, adding, "She's really supportive and enthusiastic about everything I'm doing."

The rock star is set to release his memoir, "A Likely Lad," in June 2022, going over the highs and lows of his wild life, including his relationship with Moss.

Moss then had a relationship and marriage to The Kills' Jamie Hince until 2015.

Jamie smiling in a camel coat and Kate resting her chin on his shoulder, wearing a blazer.
Jamie Hince and Kate Moss in 2009.Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

After Doherty, she was introduced to The Kills' Jamie Hince in 2007. The rock star and model soon started their relationship and got married in 2011.

In 2015, they decided to split. Reports cited that Hince had proof that Moss cheated on him with Count Nikolai von Bismarck towards the end of their marriage, according to Daily Mail. Hince was also seen with model Jessica Stam in 2015, whom Moss had previously worked with on catwalks, according to Glamour.

But ultimately, their marriage ended amicably. A source told the Mirror in 2016, "Neither of them wanted to make a spectacle of this," adding they "have quietly made the split formal without going through any sort of high profile legal battle."

Lily Aldridge and Caleb Followill met at Coachella.

Caleb in an open button down shirt and Lily in a black and blue shiny dress.
Caleb Followill and Lily Aldridge in 2015.Robert Kamau/Getty Images

The Victoria's Secret Angel met Kings of Leon's Caleb Followill when he was performing at Coachella in 2007.

"He was performing and as soon as I saw him I couldn't stop thinking about him," Aldrige told Tatler in 2013.

Then when they went on their first date, she said, "I was so nervous when I got there that I ordered apple juice instead of a glass of wine," she added.

They began dating and Aldridge featured in the band's 2008 music video for "Use Somebody." The pair married in a private ceremony in 2011. Soon after, they had two children.

The model told Porter, "We're so compatible; he's the coolest guy I've ever met, and my best friend," as per Bustle.

Followill may be a rock star, but he's a humble one. "After the lights go down, I am more of a quiet-life guy," he told Independent in 2021, adding "We have very quiet lives."

On May 12, 2022, Aldridge shared throwback photos of their wedding on Instagram with the caption, "11 years and 2 cuties later."

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo have also been going strong, marrying in 2014 and having two children together.

Adam in a black button down leaning into Behati smiling.
Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo in 2021.Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Maroon 5's frontman and Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo met when she was offered but turned down a role in a music video. Shortly after ending a relationship with model Anne Vyalitsyna, Levine began dating Prinsloo.

The pair took a break in 2013, with Levine briefly dating model Nina Agdal, before they got back together and engaged all within that same year.

In an interview on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Levine said, "Famous last words, 'I'll never get married,'" adding, "I still don't necessarily think you have to get married unless you meet someone that makes you want to marry them. And then you marry them and it's wonderful," according to Us Weekly.

After getting married in 2014, Levine told Ellen DeGeneres, "I use that word [wife] right now a lot. I say it for no reason. I say it a lot — 'Wife, wife, wife,' I love it."

The two have since had two children; Behati has starred in the band's "Girls Like You" video; and they're constantly hand in hand on every red carpet.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2021, she said they want to expand their family, but not just yet: "I do also want five kids. But don't even think about it!"

In 2021, the power couple launched their joint tequila company, Calirosa Tequila.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were the modern rock star-model couple, although they never confirmed their romance.

Harry smiling in a brown striped suit and Kendall sitting next to him smiling in a colorful strapless top.
Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner in 2019.CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner had a very private on-and-off relationship, approximately between 2013 and 2016. Fans have pieced the timeline together through rare photos and analyses of the singer's song lyrics.

They were first spotted in 2013 going on a few dates, never publicly confirming their relationship at the time. Then paparazzi captured the pair having a PDA-packed vacation on a yacht on New Year's Eve in 2015.

Again, after this, they seemingly parted ways, looking like friendly exes at the 2019 Met Gala. Styles has never appeared on the model's family reality-TV show "Keeping Up with The Kardashians."

They then reunited when Styles hosted James Corden's "The Late Late Show" in 2021, and Jenner was a guest. The pair played the game "Spill Your Guts," where they asked each other difficult questions, and if they refused to answer, they had to eat particularly unappetizing foods.

Before reading off her question for Styles, Jenner said, "I'm dying to know this." She then asked, "Which songs on your last album were about me?"

Styles immediately laughed it off and pretended to begin answering before giving in and opting to eat cod sperm rather than answer.

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