The 22-Year-Old Girl Who Stopped the Verizon and Bank of America Fees

Rebecca Greenfield
The Atlantic Wire
The 22-Year-Old Girl Who Stopped the Verizon and Bank of America Fees

One woman was behind the take-down of both egregious Verizon Wireless and Bank of America fees enacted earlier this year:  22-year-old Molly Katchpole*. Katchpole started two petitions that got hundreds of thousands of signatures each, influencing the eventual retraction of the $2 and $5 fees that had Verizon and Bank of America customers in a tizzy, discovered Reuters's Chris Taylor. When she's not getting corporations to back down, she has a pretty average (twee) DC life. As fellow DC dwellers, we should know.

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Works at a Non-Profit Fresh out of college, from Rhode Island's Roger William University, Katchpole came to DC to work as a fellow for Rebuild The Dream, a non-profit that lobbies against income inequality. "Fellow" is a common DC-term for underpaid worker slave. And, "Non-profit" is one of the few acceptable answers for the oft-asked "where do you work" question. The others include: politics, government and media. 

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Is New to the City At 22 year's old, Katchpole is the freshest of fresh, coming straight from her homestate of Rhode Island, where she went to college and also grew-up, her Facebook tells us. But, pretty much everyone living in DC just got here or is about to leave. It's a transplant town. And, it's not that exciting. 

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Loves Browsing Flea Markets and Going to Vegan Cafes She told Taylor she goes to DC's many flea markets and we discovered that she "likes" The Everlasting Cafe, a vegan cafe in the crunchy-ish, hipster-ish, DC neighborhood Columbia Heights. We also bet she rides a Capitol Bike Share rental bike to the Dupont Circle's Farmer's market, where she buys ingredient for her debate watching party later. 

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Has a Not-That-Quirky Quirk Taylor also notes that she has a bunny rabbit named Crackers. Just from browsing the DC area OKCupid listings, one learns that many DC-ites have these "idiosyncratic" hobbies, that aren't all too interesting: "into knitting," "brew my own beer," etc. 

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This post originally referred to Molly as Meredith.