The Year 2025 Currently Under Development

I am about to begin my three-month adventure to Kenya and India. Even though I grew up in Brazil and worked in a factory district in China last summer, I have never been to the developing world to work exclusively with social-good projects related to poverty alleviation. I am so grateful to Intel for creating such a meaningful opportunity for me to learn.

A few weeks ago, the Intel for Change team met in Los Angeles for a pre-travel summit.  I am so inspired by each and every one of the people I met there. At the summit, we received a notebook with an inside cover that read, "The Year 2025 currently under development." Not many people can predict what the year 2025 will look like, but I like to think each of us can be the people to shape our future's reality.

Coming from Stanford and being a part of the Intel for Change community has given me a sense of urgency to solve global problems and the belief that anything is possible. Since I have the dream and the support of my community, why not use that to solve the biggest problems? For example, I've been asking myself, "What would it take to get 100 percent of school-aged Kenyan children to have near 100 percent school attendance for one year?" What is preventing that from happening and how can we eliminate those barriers? It might break assumptions of what "school" means in modern-day Kenya. Going to Kenya will hopefully deepen my connection to the cause of promoting girls’ education in the developing world and further my knowledge regarding appropriate solutions.