2024 Volvo EX90 exterior and interior walkaround review

News Editor Joel Stocksdale takes us on an interior and exterior walkaround review of the 2024 Volvo EX90 electric SUV.

Volvo has unveiled its EX90 electric three-row SUV in Stockholm, Sweden, representing the future of the brand with a focus on sustainability, safety and technology-driven design.

The EX90 will be offered with two twin-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrain options. The first offers a total of 402 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque, and a 0-60 time of 5.7 seconds. The performance version is good for a heaping 496 horsepower and 671 pound-feet of torque, and 0-60 shrinks to 4.7 seconds. Its 111-kilowatt-hour battery (107-kWh usable), supplied by CATL, will provide up to 300 miles from a full charge, replenishable at a DC fast charger from 10-80% in 30 minutes at a peak charging rate of 250 kW. It will feature bi-directional charging, allowing the EX90 to supply electricity to your home, appliances or another Volvo EV.

Video Transcript

JOEL STOCKSDALE: This is the 2024 Volvo EX90 this is Volvo's new three-row electric SUV. It will be going on sale at the end of this year, at the start of next year. And we're just going to do a quick walk around of it. From the front, it's obviously missing pretty much any kind of grille because it's an electric car. You don't need that kind of radiator grille. One of the highlights of the EX90's exterior are these headlights. Now, what you see here are the LED running lights. But when you turn on the main beams, this section right here splits open. And that reveals the main headlight beams. And, of course, once done, closes right back up.

Additionally, the car has a very kind of traditional SUV shape. And it's kind of typical Volvo. It's very broad shouldered, wide, long, but softened up on the edges. Very elegant design. On the sides here, we can see that this one is equipped with 22-inch wheels. They are optional. There are smaller ones, 20 and 21-inch wheels. But they are all available in this kind of aero design or similar designs where you have these plastic inserts that provide additional aerodynamics and also are a little bit lighter weight. And potentially, down the road there could be different colors available to add a little bit of customization.

You also see up here this little hump above the windshield. And that is for the LiDAR array. So in addition to cameras and ultrasonic sensors, this is equipped with LiDAR, which is able to see in very poor conditions for very long distances and is an extra layer for advanced driver aids in preventing collisions. Along the side, we've got mostly flush-fitting door handles that they pop out when you approach the car. And very thoughtfully, there is a little bit of a gap here. So in the event that they get frozen over, you can still get in there and pop it open.

As mentioned, it is a very conventional SUV shape, very familiar, very classic, but with interesting details, such as here at the back with the tail lights. It features these vertical sections kind of similar to the C40 with individual LED segments as well as this C-shape bracket tail light, which has become very common across the Volvo line. There are cameras on pretty much every portion of the car. And every single one of them has a washer. Here on the back, at the front, and even on the mirrors. So no matter how dirty it gets, you'll have an opportunity to be able to use those mirrors.

And if we pop open the back, we'll find the third row seats. There's two seats here. And there's a three-row bench ahead of that. They are power folding. And a really nifty feature is up in the top of the hatch, it's a will it fit diagram. It gives you the dimensions of the back as well as ideas of things that might fit inside. So on a trip to IKEA, and you didn't think about whether or not your flatpack is going to fit, you can double check at the last minute.

Now, the EX90 has another very kind of typically minimalist interior. But unlike some, it has a lot of touches that make it a little less stark. It's got nice rounded edges. And this particular model has gorgeous real wood trim. And something that's extremely neat about it is that it's backlit wood trim. So covering it up, you can see these illuminated diamond patterns. And they continue across the dashboard and into the door panels.

This wood trim isn't available on every model. But it is available on most. So the base trim doesn't get it, but pretty much everything above that can. Now, this model also has seats featuring a wool blend. And other models are available with not animal leather, but a synthetic leather made from plant materials and such. So you're not going to find any dead animal content in one of these Volvos.

You also get the 15-inch diagonal center screen here and a 9-inch very slender instrument screen. It all uses Google-based infotainment systems. You can customize what features show up. It will also predict what features you use frequently and start bringing up shortcuts as it becomes familiar with you and your driving. Fortunately, it does have a volume knob right down here. And simple twisting for adjusting the volume. Tap it for play, pause. And it also lets you skip track.

And because Volvo is so safety conscious, there is also a feature-- there are sensors in here that will be able to detect if you have left, say, a pet or a child in the car. It's not based on rear door logic, which is how most vehicles do it nowadays with rear seat reminders. It will actually detect if there is something breathing and is inside the cockpit alive. So it won't trip if you've left like a backpack or something in the back.

When the EX90 goes on sale, there will be two powertrains available. Both of them are dual motor all-wheel drive. First one makes 402 horsepower and will do 0 to 60 in a little under six seconds. And the optional one makes just under 500 horsepower and will get to 60 in under 5 seconds. They will be available with a 111 kilowatt hour battery pack that will provide up to 300 miles of range depending on what powertrain and how you're driving it. It's also capable of 250 kilowatt peak fast charging at DC Chargers. So it should be able to get a 10% to 80% charge in about half an hour. And as we mentioned before, orders will be taken at the end of this year. And deliveries will be coming early in 2024.