2024 Georgia Primary ballot explained

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Only more day to vote early for the upcoming Georgia Primary. But, Republican and nonpartisan voters are faced with an additional decision when heading to the polls. Two big races are not on those ballots.

The Georgia primary is not only bringing people to the polls, it’s also taking residents across their usual party line.

“I wish they was on the Republican ballot. It’s not. So, if we want to elect and do what we need to do, we’re going to have to vote Democrat which I typically don’t do,” said David Fields.

He’s talking about the race for Richmond County Sheriff and District Attorney. Residents who pull the Republican ballot are able to vote for all races, party specific questions and even the Special Election on whether the Mayor should be a full voting member.

But, the ballot does not include the Sheriff and District Attorney race.

In order to vote on those candidates, traditional Republican residents will have to pull a Democratic ballot which includes all races as well as the Special Election on whether the Mayor should be a full voting member.

Meanwhile, the nonpartisan ballot allows voters to only select Justices, Judges, all five contested Commissioners, the Marshal and the Special Election.

“In Georgia, there is no party affiliation attached to your voter registration,” said Travis Doss, Executive Director, Augusta-Richmond County Board of Elections.

Much like us in the WJBF Newsroom, Augusta-Richmond County Board of Elections Executive Director Travis Doss is getting calls from residents concerned about voting outside their political party.

“You’re not registered by party. So, every time there’s a primary you have a choice. You can pick one or the other. The only stipulation is that if there is a run-off, you have to stick with that party,” said Doss.

Another point of concern is the questions on the ballot which differ based on the party affiliation. Travis Doss says they are just opinions and not binding.

“If the question on the Republican side is ‘does everybody chocolate ice cream? The majority says yes. It doesn’t mean we’re getting rid of vanilla and strawberry. It’s just an opinion question.”

So, to cut down on any confusion it’s important to know before you go to the poll. You can go to AugustaGa.Gov or CLICK HERE.

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