This is 2023's most popular Sanrio character, according to worldwide poll

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A recent popularity poll has revealed this year’s most-loved Sanrio character.

About the poll: The poll for the 2023 Sanrio Character Awards, which was conducted from April 11 until May 26, saw over 450 characters battling it out for the top spot.

According to Sanrio, 44,487,850 people around the world voted for their favorite characters. This is the 38th installment of the Japanese company’s popularity poll.

The top 10: Badtz-Maru reached 10th place with 1,457,693 votes, while Tuxedo Sam (1,513,085 votes) and Little Twin Stars (1,518,114 votes) reached ninth and eighth place, respectively. They are followed by Hangyodon (1,839,694 votes) in seventh place, My Melody (2,264,895 votes) in sixth place, Hello Kitty (2,496,850 votes) in fifth place and Pochacco (3,200,540 votes) in fourth place.

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This year’s top spots were claimed by Kuromi (3,566,050 votes) in third place, Pompompurin (3,695,478 votes) in second place and Cinnamoroll (4,376,064 votes) in first place.

About Cinnamoroll: The beloved Sanrio character, who placed first for the fourth time in a row, was created by Miyuki Okumura and debuted in 2002.

The white puppy’s signature features are his long ears, blue eyes, pink cheeks and tail that looks like a cinnamon roll.

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Notable past winners: Prior to Cinnamoroll, only two Sanrio characters — Pochacco and Hello Kitty — experienced consecutive wins. Pochacco had five consecutive wins from 1991 to 1995, while Hello Kitty had 12 consecutive wins from 1998 to 2009.

Country-specific winners: In addition to its list of overall winners, Sanrio also shared lists featuring the most popular characters in select regions.

Cinnamoroll was voted the most popular Sanrio character in the U.S., Italy, France, Singapore, Spain, Australia, China, Brazil and South Korea, while Pochacco was No. 1 in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Pompompurin placed first in Taiwan and the U.K., Yoshikitty placed first in Thailand and Gudetama placed first in Germany.

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