2017 Year in Pictures: News

Conflict, politics, jubilation, tragedy and a look at the brave and the bold are among our selections for the year in pictures for 2017 from Associated Press, Reuters News Agency, Agence-France Presse and Getty Images.

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When the world looks back on 2017, what will it see? From space, the swirling clouds of a hurricane almost as big as the Gulf of Mexico. From the air, scorched earth where neighborhoods once thrived – destroyed from massive wildfires in California. On the ground, the brown waters lapping the suburban cul-de-sacs of southern Texas, green forests uprooted in the mountains of Puerto Rico. And on the screens of our televisions and phones, the displaced refugees of Myanmar, the starving children of Yemen, the angry demonstrators of the Middle East, the defiant marchers of Charlottesville, the accusing faces of women and the abject ones of men. And the inescapable, unforgettable visage of Donald Trump, grinning in triumph, sneering in contempt, or simply walking outside beneath the world’s most famous thatch of hair, streaming and flapping in the wind. – Jerry Adler

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