The 2013 Super Bowl Commercials You'll Actually Enjoy

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire

You've probably heard enough about the banned, bizarre, misleading, and extremely offensive Super Bowl ads by now. But in the year of the go-viral-or-go-home Super Sunday, when seemingly every spot goes up online in advance of the big game, it turns out some of the first looks at the commercials are going to be worth that $3.8 million per 30 seconds that CBS is demanding. In advance of our Super Bowl commercial live blog this weekend, here are the advertisements out there so far that will make you laugh, cry, or at least be the most prepared at the party.

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Do you have a soft spot for baby animals and Fleetwood Mac? Then you'll love this commercial featuring both. You might even weep a little. You wouldn't be alone

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Though the Hollywood Reporter notes that some questions of trademark are actually up for debate, watching Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd try to get around using the phrase "Super Bowl" is charming.


Call it selling out, but the Hyundai-Flaming Lips collaboration makes for fun viewing. It even includes an homage to Wayne Coyne's famous trips in his "space bubble."


Though we've mentioned it before, the Mercedes spot for its CLA model is notable not for the supermodel so much as the Willem Dafoe devil.


We're not particularly big fans of Kaley Cuoco, but clearly this spot is already doing well, and it is — if nothing else — cute and inoffensive.  

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Okay, so it's only a teaser, but we support Amy Poehler in most things so we're going to give this a preemptive thumbs-up.