This Is 2012 Summed Up in One Image

Eric Larson
This Is 2012 Summed Up in One Image
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12. Photobombing Stingray

Hey girl -- it's been a good year. No need to panic if you missed something along the way, though. Just look at the picture above.

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Reddit user SellingIsSoExciting mashed together some of 2012's biggest Internet moments into one masterfully crafted photo. It's a grumpy, Gangnam-styling, Path to Prosperity-pumping collection of awesomeness.

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Any 2012 moments that should have made the photo? Let us know what you think below. And here's to a meme-tastic and eventful 2013! Because, you know, YOLO.

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12. Photobombing Stingray

Five years ago, three college girls on a Caribbean vacation got a serious case of the heebeejeebies when a stingray photobombed their “say cheese” moment. The hilarious photograph could have ended up as just a fond vacay memory if it weren’t for a friend, who shared the image on Reddit in September of this year.

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Image courtesy of Reddit, SellingIsSoExciting

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