Low box office sales blamed on Halo 3

We have to ask our readers a question: have you seen any movies this month? If not, the people in Hollywood think they know why. You were too busy playing Halo 3, weren't you? According to many film executives, as reported by Advertising Age, Halo 3 is behind the worst October 5th opening weekend since 1999. Ticket sales for said weekend were down 27% from the same weekend last year, and executives are blaming Halo 3 for it all. As an example, the Ben Stiller flick The Heartbreak Kid opened with only $14 million, well shy of its $20-25 million goal. We suspect there may be another reason for the film's failure, but with Halo 3 raking in hundreds of millions of dollars, it's hard not to believe that the film industry is starting to take notice of the game industry. The difference is that games aren't simply a source of inspiration anymore. Now they're competition.

[Via Joystiq]