Selling Characters in WoW

I confess, I'm an eBay junkie. I love to browse around and buy and sell useless knickknacks, so when I started to get bored with my lvl 60 warrior, I sold him. This was relatively early in the game, so I was astonished at the price that I got for him. it was almost double what I had expected, and it got me thinking, "Someone has payed a (relatively) obscene amount of money for my character, and they have no idea how to use him."

Playing a character up to 60 is a daunting task, and, once accomplished, should give you a good idea of how to handle your character. Every class has nuances that can only be appreciated if the player has spent hundreds of hours with that class. A beginner starting at 60 would be a waste, because he or she would be deluged in items, special abilities, and talents. Not having acquired these a few at a time, learning how to use them gradually, they would be lost. I imagine the people opening up their freshly-purchased account and scratching their heads in confusion.

The level of competence required from endgame PVP and instance raids is very high, and those who don't measure up are quickly blackballed, so I feel a certain remorse in taking these people's money and throwing them to the wolves.

The other option is that an experienced player purchased the account, which I can't even begin to understand. The majority of fun which I receive from WoW is in gaining levels, or a "levelgasm" as I call it. Once I hit 60, the fun plateaus.

Anyway, have any of you ever purchased an account online, and if so why, and did it work out for you?