20-Year-Old Shuts Down Monkeypox Misinformation On TikTok After Contracting Virus

A young woman who contracted monkeypox is sharing her story in hopes of educating the masses on this infectious disease.

Camille Seaton tested positive for monkeypox last month, and she decided to utilize TikTok in order to discuss her experience with the virus.

In one upload from July 30, the 20-year-old confirmed that she was the first woman in Georgia to contract the virus before sharing her theory on how she caught monkeypox at work.

“I work at a gas station. Keep in mind, gas stations are pretty, pretty dirty,” Seaton said. “I touch a lot of homeless people’s money and money in general, and the mask law was lifted; we didn’t have to wear masks.”

“You can get monkeypox from people coughing on you and the droplets getting on you. Skin-to-skin contact like getting a hug or holding hands. Touching dirty money and then touching your face,” she continued, echoing statements made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “I got it from handling dirty money of someone who had it.”

Seaton then proceeded to share various photos showing the progression of her monkeypox, noting that she first began seeing blisters on day 3, though day 9 is when the virus’s telltale signs really started to show. She also shared that the blisters began scabbing over and healing on day 12.

“Now, you guys may think that I got it sexually because that’s what’s been going around, and I’m here to educate y’all and tell you that that’s not the only way you can get it, y’all,” Seaton noted, shutting down the popular misconception that it’s an STI. “Literally, the ways I mentioned and so much more. The world is dirty.”

“Stay safe out here. Wear a mask, please, please, please. Gloves, everything. Like, this s**t is not a game,” she said at the end of the TikTok in question.

In another upload, Seaton shuts down the widespread belief that monkeypox exclusively affects gay men, the group predominantly impacted by the virus.

“A lot of gay men are being targeted for this virus, and I’m here to tell you, again, that sex is not the only way you can contract this virus. Yes, it’s mostly been men who have gotten it — I’m only the first woman to have gotten it in the state of Georgia — but, then again, all people are different,” she shared.

Seaton also educated her viewers on the virus’ origins to denounce the misconception further that it’s only transmitted through sex.

“Monkeypox was originated from animals. Y’all seen one of the ways you can get it is through sex, and y’all took it and ran with that. So much BS I’ve been having to deal with [online] about this, and it’s not even an STD,” Seager noted before shutting down commenters who believed that she was “born a man.”

She then took a moment to detail some of the symptoms she experienced.

“Massive fevers, headaches, extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain. Excruciating pain,” Seager shared. “This is no joke. Wear masks, stop touching people, wear gloves. The virus isn’t airborne, but it might as well be. You can catch it from sitting in a confined space with somebody.”

While Seaton is putting in work with these informative videos, it’s worth noting that she also has short, dance-focused uploads where she still manages to share information about monkeypox and updates on her recovery.

We also have to point out that Seaton’s most recent upload shows that the virus’s distinctive pockmarks have primarily cleared up.

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