20 Most Annoying Things Your Friends Do on Facebook

Stephanie Buck
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1. TMI Parents

1. TMI Parents

We love your babies, really we do. We do not, however, relish vivid descriptions of their every wee wee and poopee. And we especially don't look forward to 46 similar posts every single day.

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Either we're getting old and grouchy or Facebook is becoming a lot less tolerable these days. Once we filter through pictures of baby's first potty training and epic love poems of the newly engaged, we're left with political diatribes and spam -- and yes, all of it from our "friends."

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In a long-winded, therapeutic email thread, Mashable staffers vented about our biggest Facebook pet peeves. Once I removed the NSFW language and CAPS LOCK cyber-rants, I narrowed down the list to the 20 most annoying behaviors on Facebook.

Perhaps your friends are guilty of one or -- God forbid -- all of these Facebook mortal sins. Maybe even you have erred from time to time (we forgive you, but please stop). Either way, now's your chance to contribute your own nominations for world's worst Facebook manners. Vent away in the comments below.

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