$2 Million Lottery Winner Has Noble Plans to Help Dad


“If anyone could use it, he could,” New Castle, Va., Mick-or-Mack IGA store manager Mike Carper tells Yahoo Parenting about Billy Aliff, right, who says he won $2 million in the lottery on Saturday. (Photo: WSLS.com)

“I’m just shocked,” Billy Aliff told WSLS in an interview about winning $2 million in Virginia’s lottery on Saturday. Though the Virginia Lottery hasn’t officially announced the two winners’ names, WSLS reports that the New Castle, Va., dad scored big by matching four out of the five winning Powerball numbers and putting a dollar down for the Power Play. (The other jackpot winner is from Virginia Beach.)

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“On Saturdays I play my $3 and I pick my own numbers by random,” explained Aliff, who didn’t respond to Yahoo Parenting’s request for comment. “My daughters always think it’s funny, because I always close my eyes and pick them.” Now the joy is all his, though Aliff admitted he’s still getting used to his new millionaire status. “It’s just hard to explain how you feel,” he said. “That’s a lot of money.”

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The Aliff family. (Photo: WSLS.com)

And much of the winnings — which he’ll claim in a lump sum — will go to his father, who he said needs a lot of money these days. The grandfather is in pricey treatment for cancer. “He’s in the hospital and undergoing chemo,” said the former auto mechanic, who told WSLS that he plans to quit his job but continue to repair cars from home. “I hope it makes it easier, but I know with money comes a whole lot of responsibility.”

The big-money ticket, purchased from the Mick-or-Mack IGA grocery in New Castle, is the first winner issued at the store in 20 years, store manager Mike Carper tells Yahoo Parenting. “I think if anyone could use it, he could,” Carper says of Aliff. “I’m glad he got it and hope that he does put it to good use.”

According to Virginia Lottery spokesperson John Hagerty, helping parents, kids, and other relatives is the top priority for most winners. “When we talk to people who’ve won large prizes, by far the most common thing they say is that they’ll give money to family,” the lottery staffer of 14 years tells Yahoo Parenting, declining to comment on Aliff specifically as the Virginia Lottery hasn’t yet awarded prizes for this weekend’s jackpot. “Whether it’s sickness, student loans, or future education goals, if they have young children, helping family is the first thing they say that they’ll do.”

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