2 Las Vegas casino dealers accused of cheating

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Gaming investigators suspect two Las Vegas baccarat dealers cheated with players, leading the guests to win thousands of dollars, according to court documents obtained by Nexstar’s KLAS.

Yuxuan Leng and an unnamed second person now face cheating charges, documents said.
In May 2022, a representative from the Rampart Casino at the Resort at Summerlin contacted the Nevada Gaming Control Board alleging two baccarat dealers cheated with players, documents said.

Staff at the casino met with gaming investigators, telling them that two baccarat players “have been frequent baccarat players” for years “and recently have been winning more than usual,” documents said.

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Casino surveillance revealed two casino dealers “were revealing the gaming cards to [both players] prior to the conclusion of gameplay on six separate incidents spanning over the month of May,” documents said.

“Once the dealers revealed the gaming cards to [the two players], it provided them knowledge of the game and possible outcome,” investigators wrote in court documents. “[The players] would then make their wager already knowing the outcome of the game. Over the six incidents, [the players] had profited over $5,000 each.”

In two incidents, Leng allegedly “revealed gaming cards to [the two players] before they wagered their final bets,” documents said. “Leng would flash the player hand and/or banker hand to give knowledge of the possible outcome of the game. After knowing the possible outcome of the game, [the two players] were able to wager more in order to capitalize on the information provided to them by Leng.”

The second dealer’s name was redacted in court documents, though gaming investigators said he “revealed gaming cards to [the two players] before they wagered their finals bets” on four occasions.

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Security at the casino found the two players in question and spoke to them as part of their investigation.

One player “admitted to having the baccarat dealers show him gaming cards during his baccarat play and taking advantage of the knowledge acquired,” documents said. The second player denied all involvement.

The dealer, whose name was redacted, told investigators that “he was one of the fastest dealers, but sloppy as well,” documents said. He denied receiving any money from the players. Gaming control board investigators arrested him for allegedly cheating.

Investigators were unable to speak with Leng and issued a warrant for her arrest on charges of cheating and attempting or conspiring to cheat at a gambling game, records showed.

Police arrested Leng on Nov. 2. She was scheduled to return to court in December. The status of the unnamed dealer was unclear as of Wednesday.

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