2 Kentucky fugitives captured in Cheatham County

CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two Kentucky fugitives got much more than they bargained for after stopping at a Cheatham County gas station Sunday morning.

According to the arrest report, Cheatham County deputies were led to the wanted men thanks to Sirius radio which was reportedly tracking the stolen vehicle out of Kentucky.

Dramatic body cam video from the stop begins around 11:30 a.m. at Burnett’s Market on Jackson Felt Road. Deputies, including Sgt. Ryan Hawkins, jumped out and made a felony stop on the two men.

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The men, now identified as Andrew Walker and Austyn Lindsey, both 24, were both wanted for multiple thefts out of Paducah, KY.

Once the men were secured, a search of the vehicle revealed a stripped steering column.

The report indicated that deputies found multiple cell phones and items deputies suspected were stolen, like faucets and a ceiling fan, which the deputy believed had been taken from a big box store.

A loaded Ruger SR22 was also found on the floorboard in addition to pills.

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A call to Kentucky Police revealed the men have serious criminal histories. “He is flagged 10-0 known to carry firearms. He will disarm officers,” a woman on the phone is heard saying to the deputies.

Throughout the bust, Andrew Walker spoke about his mother. At first, he told deputies his mother was coming to the gas station.

  • Walker: “My momma on her way though, my momma is coming.”

  • Deputy: “Ok, well she is in for a surprise when she gets here.”

A few minutes later, the deputy checked on Walker who was apparently asleep in the back seat.

  • Deputy: “Hey are you on any kind of narcotics?”

  • Walker: “No sir.”

  • Deputy: “You sure?”

  • Walker: “I’m sure.”

  • Deputy: “Most people don’t nod off in the back of a police car.”

  • Walker: “I’m not on narcotics.”

  • Deputy: “OK, you’re just really comfortable in the back of a police car.”

On the way into jail, Walker admitted he had more contraband on his person.

  • Walker: “I might have something in my pocket.”

  • Deputy: “What do you have in your pocket, what just dropped out of your pocket?”

  • Walker: “Well, I didn’t want to walk in there.”

  • Deputy: “OK, but what is it?”

  • Walker: “You all can find it out yourself.”

  • Deputy: “OK, that’s how we are going to do it? Ok.”

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And Austyn Lindsey, who told deputies he is an ex-con, began cracking jokes on his way into the jail.

  • Lindsey: “You like donuts?”

  • Deputy: “No not really.”

  • Lindsey: “What about bacon?”

  • Deputy: “I love me some bacon, man.”

Both men are being held without bond awaiting extradition to Kentucky.

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