2 drones shot down over Moscow, Smolensk oblasts, Russia claims

Russian air defense units intercepted two drones over Moscow and Smolensk oblasts, the Russian Defense Ministry alleged on Nov. 10.

Residents of Kolomna, near Moscow, reported hearing explosions in the area the night of Nov. 10.

Local media said the explosions occurred near the KBM Engineering Design Bureau, a state-run defense enterprise specializing in missile systems.

No casualties have been reported. Emergency services and firefighters have been dispatched to the scene.

The Kyiv Independent could not verify the reports.

In Russia's Tambov Oblast, a massive fire reportedly broke out at a gunpowder factory in Kotovsk the night of Nov. 10.

An explosion at a large Russian military factory in Solikamsk was reported Oct. 31.

Since the launch of the full-scale war, Ukrainian forces have targeted Russian military, logistics, and infrastructure sites in the occupied territories and within Russia.

Ukraine has not commented on the alleged Nov. 10 drone strike. While claims of Ukrainian attacks within Russian territory have increased since summer 2023, Kyiv rarely comments on these reports.

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