We Will Rock Your Socks with These Collection Displays

Even the most minimal of minimalists in the world have a collection of something. We all collect, whether we set out to amass a collection or it happens organically, our affinity for one thing or another grows. And grows. And grows until you have no idea what to do with all of your seashells, rocks, clocks, or vintage buttons. 

Here are 16 creative and beautiful ways to display even your most obscure collections!

Roll the Dice


Dice are not the most common item to collect, but this graphic shadow-box-like display makes for a very cool art piece. 

Image via Belle Brocante.

All Buttoned Up


The great thing about displaying buttons in glass jars is that you can still fish for that specific green one to sew onto your winter coat without disturbing the display.

Image via Las Cositas de Beach & Eau

Say Cheese


Displaying cameras in front of a chalkboard is a genius way to keep an inventory of what you have. (And to look smart when people asking you what’s what.)

Image via Indigo and Cloth

The Original Pin-terest


Instead of stashing your colorful brooches away in drawer, display them on a dress form for everyone to see.

Image via Button Bird Designs.

Put a Cork In It


From white wine (at the top) to the deepest cabernets (bottom) this ombre heart is a beautiful way to display a collections of corks. And confess to a love of wine.

Image via Hello Society.

Time and Time Again


Gather your clock collection together and hang it tightly on one wall. As it grows, move toward the floor, over the door jambs—it only gets better and more interesting as it starts creeping into unlikely territory.

Image via Over the Big Moon.

Lego Maniac


So yes, this is a display in an office building lobby, but it’s a super-cool way to show off your Lego obsession

Image via My Modern Met.

Hot Pot


You may pass by these darling pot holders at flea markets and wonder what on earth you would do with them. Well, this collector decided to show hers off in a bold way!

Image via Maggie Weldon.

Beach Dreams


Really, who has room to store all of the jars of sand from all of the exotic trips around the world? This tag idea is a cool way to show off your travels. 

Image via Sweet Paul.

Beach Bums


Speaking of the beach, this seashell display is one of the best ever! Hard to replicate, for sure, but you can follow her lead by displaying yours in a big, bold way.

Image via Completely Coastal.

Roll with It


Rolling Pins are a unique thing to collect, but for a bakery or restaurant display, it seems only natural. 

Image via The Kitchn.

Around the World


This globe collector got it right by storing her collection on top of an armoire. Globes take up a lot of real estate, and this dense display sits out of the way and keeps lower surfaces clear for use.

Image via Relax Decor.

Car Talk


We’ve all seen the Matchbox car rainbow display, but this cloche situation is quite unique. It elevates toys to a place of elegance and sophistication. Just don’t let a 4 year old boy near it.

Image via Pinterest.

State of Plates


If your plate collection is growing beyond control, consider looking at it as though it were wallpaper. I’d hate to be the one to clean them!

Image via Trendenser.

Tickets, Please


Make a collage of ticket stubs from travel, concerts, or museum visits and frame it. This ticket collector clearly rode the same transit system quite a bit. 

Image via Muni Diaries.

Sew Cool!


Vintage spools are abundant at flea markets and on sites like Etsy and Ebay. There are many cool crafts to make with them, and among them, this cool coffee table. 

Image via Homedit.