16 Things You Should Never Buy on Craigslist

Zoe Fox

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Craigslist is probably the most eclectic listing of stuff ever compiled onto one domain.

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While enough trolling may score you some one-of-a-kind vintage finds, there are plenty of things you should steer clear of. Think opened foods, prescription medications or pretty much anything found in a bathroom.

We know you're all savvy Internet users who wouldn't fall for these kinds of buys. You may, however, be tickled by some of the crazy household items Craigslist users try to sell -- or even give away for free -- to other users.

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We rounded up 16 products posted on Craigslist no one should be purchasing. We didn't link to the products, because the links expire. But of course, if you're listening to our advice, you wouldn't be interested in purchasing, anyway...right?

What's the craziest thing you've bought or sold on Craigslist? Let us know what treasure you've dug up in the comments below.

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