16 People Share the Worst Cases of 'Edgy Teenager Syndrome' They've Ever Seen

16 People Share the Worst Cases of 'Edgy Teenager Syndrome' They've Ever Seen
staff@people.com (Maria Yagoda)

Adolescence is hard!

If you weren't filled with angst as a teen, we're really happy for you. But seeing as most of us were, we might as well laugh about it … and then try our hardest to forget it.

Here are the 16 most stereotypically teen moments that people have ever witnessed (or experienced), as shared on Reddit.

1. "There was this goth girl at my school who dragged her books behind her in the hall in a trash bag."

2. "I overlapped the words 'love' and 'hate' in block letters with red and black Sharpie on a burned CD I made."

3. "When I was 13, I bought a floor-length trench coat from Goodwill that fit me like a burlap sack and paired it with a generic too-big shirt from Hot Topic and vampire fangs. My mom insisted on dressing me in the girliest clothes, even at 13, but she compromised so I could pick out my clothes every other day of the week. If you knew me in middle school, I'd be a vampire extraordinaire one day and Skirts McGee the next."


4. "I dated a guy who wore a vampire cape and a spiked dog collar to school. My parents called him 'Fluffy' to tease me, and then the nickname stuck."


5. "I wrote a song that had the word 'dark' in every line. Every, line."

6. "There as a fifteen picture Snapchat story of this kid from my school breaking into the super-high-security middle school playground (guarded by a metal chain with no surveillance) and ... make sure you're sitting down for this ... put a traffic cone in the basketball hoop."


7. "A buddy in high school wore eyeliner because it enabled him to channel his darker side. He once asked me if I wanted to fight because none of us had ever been in a fight."

8. "I was looking at my high school photos. I found my prom pic, where I am standing behind my girlfriend, arms around her waist. We look cute, but if you look down I am flashing the blood gang sign, or at least my interpretation of it. Midwest middle-class white boy edge. I'm better now though."


9. "I was like 12. I forced my uncle to listen to me reading Linkin Park lyrics out of the CD insert while explaining how this stuff related to me."

10. "A girl in class asked everyone to feel her blading scars on her forearm."


11. "My little sister is about to turn 13 in a few weeks and thinks she is living her life in a badly written Disney movie. She'll flip her hair at you, roll her eyes, stomp up the stairs and slam the door, all while telling you, 'No one understands me! I hate all of you!' It's like she read a handbook written by every bad Hollywood screenwriter and lives by it religiously."

12. "There was a guy in my class who would write all sorts of 'edgy' words on his arms in pen before he went to school. Stuff like 'bourgeoisie,' 'revolution' and 'status quo.'" 


13. "A guy tweeted a photo of his junk once and we made it into a flag, which we put on our school's flagpole."

14. "I met a kid who said she loved death metal, wearing all black, etc. When asked her favorite death metal band, she said Nirvana. Cut to me explaining death metal; all the while she spews about how she's glad Kurt killed himself." 


15. "I work at Disney World, and we get a lot of 'edgy' kids but my favorite was this red headed guy I saw the other day. He looked like Ron Weasley joined the Death Eaters. He was wearing a black shirt with a generic death band name on it, super skinny black jeans and black ankle-high Docs. His hair was shaved except for the middle section which sort of looked like a floppy mohawk. The long part of his hair was dyed black, while the shaved parts were a bright pumpkin orange. He's leaning against the wall of great movie ride, trying to look cool, when his  dad (who looks like Mr. Weasley's twin) asks this beautiful question. 'Would the dark, soulless one like a churro?'"

16. "Buddy of mine swore up and down that his dad invented paper football. Whenever we tried to play he'd say stuff like, 'That was never in the original rules' and basically ruin the game."

All posts have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.