20 of the best things to get at Aldi this month under $5

Aldi Gear light-blue cap; Benton's Easter cookies; Simply Nature jalapeño beef broth
Aldi is bringing Easter-themed items and its 2023 merch to shelves for March.Aldi
  • Aldi is stocking its shelves with plenty of Easter items and new merch for March.

  • Stock up on Benton's Belgian-chocolate cookies or the Reggano Easter-themed pasta for the holiday.

  • Grab some new slides and accessories from the just-released 2023 Aldi Gear collection.

Have dinner ready in minutes with Priano seafood linguine or spaghetti with clam sauce.

Priano spaghetti with clam sauce package
The Priano spaghetti with clam sauce is ready in seven minutes.Aldi

A quick, easy dinner like the Priano pasta dishes is good for busy weekdays. The pasta dinners come as either seafood linguine or spaghetti with clam sauce.

You pick the dinners up for $4 each.

Show off the Aldi spirit with the chain's bucket hats and caps.

A light-blue Aldi Gear cap with "Aldi Insider" embroidered on it; A dark-blue Aldi Gear bucket hat with red, orange, and yellow stripes
There are a couple of different Aldi Gear hat styles to choose from.Aldi

This month, Aldi is launching the chain's largest Gear collection, which includes bucket hats and caps. Grab one or both hat styles in light- or dark-blue colors.

Each hat costs $4.

Start Easter prep early and pick up some of Benton's Easter cookies.

Benton's Belgian-chocolate Easter cookies
Benton's Easter cookies come in bunny and egg shapes.Aldi

Since Easter falls on April 9, Aldi is also launching some holiday products toward the end of March, including Benton's Belgian-chocolate Easter cookies. Add the cookies to an Easter basket or serve alongside a holiday brunch.

Each package of cookies is only $3.

Add a festive touch to dinner with Reggano Easter-themed pasta.

Reggano Easter-shaped pasta
The Reggano Easter-themed pasta comes in festive shapes and colors.Aldi

For any pasta-based dishes on your holiday menu, use the Reggano Easter-themed noodles. This colorful pasta features noodles shaped like Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and more.

The Easter pasta is only $2.70 per bag.

Enjoy a taste of summer with Specially Selected seafood paella or jambalaya.

Specially Selected seafood jambalaya
The Specially Selected seafood jambalaya comes with calamari, rice, and more.Aldi

Aldi is bringing some new Specially Selected seafood meals to shelves, including the seafood paella and jambalaya.

The seafood paella includes precooked rice with pollock, calamari, and shrimp and the jambalaya features rice, mixed vegetables, beans, shrimp, calamari, and pollock in a spicy sauce.

You can try each for $4.50.

Impress guests with Appetitos mac-and-cheese bites.

Appetitos Buffalo-chicken mac-and-cheese bites
Each pack of the Appetitos mac-and-cheese bites comes in a box of 12.Aldi

If you're looking for a fun appetizer, try the Appetitos bite-sized mac-and-cheese bites.

Choose from spicy Buffalo-chicken macaroni-and-cheese bites to go along with ranch or blue-cheese dips, or grab a decadent bacon variety.

Each box of 12 bites is $4.50.

Keep track of coins with the keychain quarter holder.

A front and back image of the heart-shaped Aldi Gear keychain quarter holder
The Aldi Gear keychains hold one quarter.Aldi

If you need a place to store coins in between your Aldi trips, you can get one of the chain's keychain quarter holders. They come in square and heart shapes.

You can snag an Aldi Gear keychain quarter holder for $1.50.

Enjoy a classic, pub-style meal with Fremont Fish Market beer-battered shrimp.

Fremont Fish Market beer-battered shrimp
The Fremont Fish Market beer-battered shrimp comes with about 13 to 15 pieces.Aldi

The Fremont Fish Market beer-battered shrimp can go with an Irish pub meal or may be a good option for those participating in lent.

Prepare the shrimp in an air or deep fryer or convection oven and pair it with some fries and tartar sauce.

Each box of beer-battered shrimp is $5.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Specially Selected Italian desserts.

Specially Selected raspberry mousse
The Specially Selected Italian desserts are the perfect size to satisfy a sugar craving.Aldi

Aldi shoppers can enjoy Specially Selected imported Italian desserts in tiramisu or raspberry-mousse varieties.

You can try each flavor for $2.60.

Warm your feet up with the Aldi Gear collection socks.

Aldi Gear white ankle socks; Aldi gear light-blue crew-length socks
You can choose from a variety of Aldi Gear sock colors and lengths.Aldi

If you need a new pair of socks for the spring, Aldi Gear is releasing its own packs. The chain carries ankle and crew-length designs in white and blue.

Grab a two-pack of Aldi Gear socks for $5.

Spice up a party menu with the Casa Mamita stuffed nachos.

Casa Mamita stuffed nachos
Pick up the Casa Mamita stuffed nachos for an easy appetizer.Aldi

The Casa Mamita stuffed nachos are another snack you can pick up at Aldi this month. Stuffed with queso or beef, the snack offers a twist on classic nachos and makes for a great party appetizer.

You can try a box of nachos for $4.

Add more flavor to soups and stews with Simply Nature organic poblano-chicken or jalapeño-beef broths.

Simply Nature jalapeño beef broth
The Simply Nature jalapeño-beef broth is gluten-free.Aldi

If you're looking for a broth with plenty of spices, pick one of the options from Simply Nature. Choose from poblano-chicken or jalapeño-beef-broth flavors.

Pick up a 32-ounce carton for $2.

Grab the Specially Selected hummus crisps for midday snacking.

Specially Selected hummus crisps
The Specially Selected hummus crisps are made with chickpeas.Aldi

Keep your energy up with the Specially Selected hummus crisps, made from chickpeas. Check out the feta, garlic, and herb or the sweet-chili flavors for $2.20 each.

Accessorize your springtime outfit with Aldi Gear slides.

Aldi Gear slides in light and dark blue
The Aldi Gear slides have slightly different designs.Aldi

Shuffle around the house in Aldi Gear slides this March. The slides come in light- and dark-blue colors.

You can buy a pair of Aldi Gear slides for $5.

Upgrade your sandwiches with the Specially Selected everything brioche rolls.

Specially Selected everything brioche
The Specially Selected everything brioche rolls can be used for sandwiches.Aldi

Fans of the seasoned bagels can now grab a bag of Specially Selected everything brioche rolls. The rolls are great for breakfast sandwiches and burgers.

Each bag of rolls is $4.40.

Aldi is stocking a supply of festive cheeses for St. Patrick's Day.

Emporium Selection Irish cheddar with Irish beer
Aldi shoppers shouldn't have trouble finding interesting cheese options this month.Aldi

Aldi has a selection of St. Patrick's Day cheeses for March, including the Emporium Selection pesto gouda, sage derby, Irish porter cheddar, Irish whiskey cheddar, Irish beer cheddar, or a classic aged Irish cheddar.

Each block of cheese costs $4.

Upgrade beverages and desserts with the Friendly Farms Irish-cream whipped dairy topping.

Friendly Farms Irish cream whipped topping
The Friendly Farms Irish-cream whipped topping adds a sweet touch to coffee.Aldi

The Friendly Farms Irish-cream whipped topping can come in handy for your coffee or homemade shamrock shakes.

The whipped-diary topping can be paired with hot or cold beverages or even fresh fruit.

The Irish-cream whipped topping is just $3.

Be sure to grab Clancy's Lucky Crunch snack mix.

Clancy's Lucky Crunch snack mix
Munch on Clancy's Lucky Crunch snack mix throughout March.Aldi

Clancy's Lucky Crunch snack mix, which includes an assortment of green and gold crisps and nuts, is perfect for sharing with party guests or munching on during a movie.

Each container is $3.

Pick up Sundae Shoppe Shamrockin' Swirl or Luck o' the Cookie Dough ice cream.

Sundae Shoppe Shamrockin' Swirl ice cream
The Shamrockin' Swirl is even a festive green color.Aldi

New Sundae Shoppe flavors including Shamrockin' Swirl and Luck o' the Cookie Dough are coming to Aldi this March.

The Shamrockin' Swirl flavor is made with mint ice cream, fudge chips, and a chocolate cookie-crumb swirl and Luck o' the Cookie Dough includes cookie-dough-flavored ice cream, fudge chips, and sugar-cookie-dough pieces.

You can grab one or both flavors for $2 per pint.

Prepare a festive feast starring the black Angus premium corned-beef brisket.

Black Angus premium corned-beef brisket
Aldi's corn-beef brisket would be a great St. Patrick's Day centerpiece.Aldi

Stock up for a St. Patrick's Day celebration with a corned-beef brisket from Aldi.

Aldi's corned beef brisket is a flat-cut black Angus and is only $5 per pound.

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