15-year-old car thief suspect used his underwear for a mask. Pasco police still found him

An accused 15-year-old Pasco car thief tried using a pair of underwear as a mask to hide his face, police say.

The teen was allegedly spotted on the lot of CM Motors in Pasco about midnight on Sunday. The business owners called 911 after seeing someone breaking the windows on two Kias and attempting to steal them, Pasco police said in a Facebook post.

By the time officers arrived, the teen was behind the wheel of a car and trying to drive off the lot, police said. Officers used a patrol car to block the exit at 200 S. 20th Ave.

The teen got out and ran into the neighborhood north of 20th Avenue and Lewis Street. He hopped over fences and darted through backyards as officers chased him, said the police.

Eventually, he was found under a boat, wearing a pair of underwear to cover his face, Pasco police said.

“Yes, underwear, we aren’t making this up,” said the post.

The teen was arrested and booked into the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Detention Center in Kennewick on suspicion of two counts of attempted auto theft.

Kias and Hyundais have been popular targets of car thieves in recent months after social media posts demonstrated a way to start them without using a key. The automakers are offering a fix to car owners to prevent thefts.

Owners can schedule a fix for a Hyundai at bit.ly/HyundaiRecallTC or for a Kia at bit.ly/KiaRecallTC.