15 Incredible Street Fighter Stages You Can Visit in Real Life on the Cheap

1. Ryu's Stage in Street Fighter II

The midnight castle backdrop of Ryu's classic Street Fighter II stage closely resembles Matsue Castle in Japan's Shimane Prefecture. The entry fee to visit this historic landmark is only 560 Yen, which comes out to about $5. Or the cost of 10 rounds on the original arcade game.

2. Chun Li's Stage in Street Fighter II

Chun Li's stage could be based on any number of markets in Hong Kong but we've pictured Wan Chai above, because it's the party district. If you're coming from the US, the exchange rate's gonna work very strongly in your favor, so expect to have a lot of fun even on a tight budget.

3. Dhalsim's Stage in Street Fighter II

The best place to see elegant elephants in India is at the Thrissur Pooram Festival in Kerala, which takes place in April. The streets and temples will abound with elephant pageants, and you can get a hotel and tour for under 2000 Rupees, which is roughly $30.

4. Sagat's Stage in Street Fighter II

This giant Buddha statue in Sagat's stage is based directly on the Ayutthaya Ruins in Thailand. If you're in Bangkok, you can catch a riverboat to tour the ruins and ancient temples, all for about $65. Tiger uppercut!

5. E. Honda's Stage in Street Fighter II

E. Honda's stage could be any number of Honshu bathhouses across Japan. The one pictured above is actually a sake spa located in the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun. Admission to the resort is about $25, and you're guaranteed to feel like a sumo champ.

6. Urien's Stage in Street Fighter III

The illustrious illuminati tyrant Urien likes to tussle in front of Olmec ruins, some of which can be found in the Parque Museo La Venta pictured above. Entrance fee to the museum is 40 pesos, which is less than $3. Urien can offer a beat down, but he can't beat those prices.

7. Cammy's Stage in Super Street Fighter II

Technically, Cammy's stage is labeled as England in Super Street Fighter II, but the design was based on the famous Castle Lichtenstein in Swabian Alb, Germany. For a mere 7€ you can get a guided tour of the centuries-old castle. Unfortunately, a dress code more modest than Cammy's is required.

8. Blanka's Stage in Street Fighter II

If you've seen the movie City of God or played Blanka's level in Street Fighter II, you know that favela life in Brazil can be dangerous. There are certainly pockets of friendliness though, such as this stilt city in Manaus on the Amazon River. You can stay in a Manaus hostel for only $10.

9. Historic Distillery Stage in Street Fighter IV

If you want to get a tour of a historic distillery, Scotland's definitely your place to go. At the 200 year old Edradour Distillery in Perthshire pictured above, a full tour will set you back £7.50, so a little over $10. A wee dram awaits you.

10. Balrog's Stage in Street Fighter II

Balrog lands several Buffalo Headbutts in front of the Las Vegas luxury hotel and casino, The Golden Nugget. Despite all the glitz and glamour, if you book on the right night, you can stay in the hotel for under 70 bucks, with some change leftover to gamble.

11. Volcanic Rim Stage in Street Fighter IV

It's hard to believe, but you can actually get pretty darn close to an active volcano just like the one featured in this explosive Street Fighter IV stage. A full tour of Hawaii Volcano National Park, which brings you right up to the lava-spewing Kilauea, usually runs for under $100.

12. Cammy's Stage in Street Fighter Alpha 3

Mykonos in Greece is known as the island of the winds, as evidenced by the windmills scattered liberally around the town. While Mykonos Town is a bit of a tourist hotspot, you can still snatch a hostel for about $20 a night.

13. Ken's Stage in Street Fighter II

Ken throws down some serious dragon punches in San Francisco Bay, but if you'd rather stay above the fray, you can catch a ride on the Harbor Ferry for $6.50. You'll have a safe view of any rough and tumble dock brawls below.

14. Deserted Temple Stage in Street Fighter IV

The Old Temple in Street Fighter IV features some imposing statues which highly resemble the Koumokuten Guardian Deities at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan. Todaiji also houses the largest Buddha statue in the world, along with a gang of adorably ravenous deer. Access to the World Heritage Site is 800 Yen, so just under $7.

15. Snowy Rail Yard Stage in Street Fighter IV

If you're taking a trip through Russia, chances are high you'll come through the train station in Novosibirsk, Russia's third largest city. If you want to stay and explore the city, you can stay at any number of hostels for under 580 Rubles, which is about $10.

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