15 Hilarious New YouTube Gamers Who Are Crushing It

Matthew Walden

1. Caddicarus

Caddicarus uploads retro game reviews and ridiculous top ten lists that are peppered liberally with zany accents and one-liners. But the substance beneath his antics sets him apart from the crowd. He's got smarts and silliness in equal measure.

2. PushingUpRoses

This self-described Psychobilly Goth Punk has a major obsession with PC adventure games. Her vast knowledge and clear affection for the classics (I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream!!) have made her channel a must-watch.

3. Kinda Funny Games

Greg Miller and co-host Colin Moriarty made waves early this year when they shifted focus to their independent YouTube projects. With just shy of $500,000 in Patreon pledges already, they've definitely hit the ground running. Congrats!

4. Yamilia Avendano from Twinfinite

Yamilia, the ambitious founder of the gaming website Twinfinite, always has several cool projects running. The highlight of her output is Positive Gamers, a YouTube series that proves it's not impossible to possess razor-sharp wit and infectious happiness at the same time.

5. Game Sack

Joe Redifer and David White are a killer tag team that humbly pay tribute to the vintage games that shaped our world. Their videos are accompanied by a light volley of hokey jokes even dustier than the games they showcase. It's all delightfully charming and sincere.

6. Hot Pepper Gaming

Hot Pepper Gaming is squirm-inducing and furiously funny. It features a rotating cast of reviewers ranging from joycore rocker Andrew W.K. to Borderland 2's Ashly Burch. All of 'em eat a hot pepper and proceed to critique a video game. It's even better than it sounds.

7. OMGitsfirefoxx

This Canadian Minecraft Mianite player has experienced a meteoric rise, with nearly half a million subscribers over her first active year. Her openness about her hardships and her fun attitude have earned her a giant fan base.

8. AngryCentaurGaming

ACG's delivery is typically insightful and droll, nowhere near as ill-humored as his name might suggest. Over the past year, he's been uploading reviews and opinions as honest as they are distinct. Definitely worth subscribing.

9. Jim Sterling

Jim Sterling is another industry stalwart who's recently turned independent with his hit show, The Jimquisition. He comes off as a delightfully camp cross between Elton John and a fascist dictator. You can always count on Jim to speak his mind.

10. VenturianTale

VenturianTale is quite literally a family affair, a gaming channel created by four siblings: Venturian, BethanyFrye, HomelessGoomba, and ImmortalKy​odai. Their Fallout, Gmod and Skyrim videos have hit more than 1 billion views. "What in the world" is their secret?

11. Nia The VideoGamHer

Nia's a gigantic Nintendo fan, but she's not afraid to take them to task when necessary. She's also one of the most down-to-earth commentators out there, with keen observations about the game industry.

12. Extra Credits

The Extra Credits team focuses on game design principles and complex historical conflicts. It's all accompanied by cartoons that make the subjects digestible and entertaining. You always feel like you're having fun while you learn on their channel.

13. Erika Szabo

Erika's unending fascination with JRPGs and anime is contagious. Every video is a celebration of the crossover between Japanese culture and console gaming. It's fun to watch someone who so clearly adores this subsection of entertainment.

14. ItsGWC

Nothing can prepare you for the surreal loopiness of Gaming With Character's off-kilter comedy. You just have to let it wash over you. This mysterious master of mirth has become an underground hit. Truly an original voice.

15. Aureylian

Aureylian's YouTube channel is unabashedly silly. She's quickly become the pink princess of Minecraft, headshots and shenanigans, all by fostering a welcoming attitude among her fans.

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