15 car styling cues for the ages

Richard Read

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Visit any auto show, and you'll see plenty of concept cars. Most will leave you feeling "meh". Like, "These designers had the time and the money to dream big, big, big, and that's what they came up with? I weep for the future. Hey, does anyone want Jamba Juice?"

Then there are the select few: some awesome, some awful. The line between the two can be very, very thin. In fact, terrific cars can share loads of design elements with terrible ones.

All car designers know that there are a handful of "can't miss" styling cues -- things found on many outstanding rides. The trick is to use those cues effectively. Get a proportion wrong or screw up an angle, and you'll go from a Ferrari to forgettable in zero seconds flat.

What are these timeless styling cues, these elements that designers love to flaunt? We took an unofficial poll of the The Car Connection staff to come up with our own 15 faves:

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