14-year-old Bronx gunman busted for attempted murder has 18 prior arrests

He’s 14 with more arrests than years around the sun — and now he’s facing two attempted murder charges, police said Friday.

The fresh-faced teen, who now has 18 arrests under his belt, was busted on Oct. 5 for two recent shootings in the Bronx, including one in which the target was shot in the leg, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said.

The youth opened fire on his victims from the back of the scooter, Essig said.

“Eighteen (arrests)... He’s 14-years-old,” Essig lamented Friday.

The teen was not identified because of his age. The driver of the scooter remained at large.

Essig said Bronx investigators linked the boy to a Sept. 19 shooting in which someone opened fire on a Dunkin’ Donuts on Broadway near W. 230th St. in Marble Hill. The gunman was aiming at a man inside the eatery. He caused property damage, but didn’t injure anyone, cops said.

He was also allegedly connected to a Sept. 25 shooting on Kingbridge Road near Webb Ave. in Kingsbridge Heights where a man was shot in the leg.

Police believe the teen is responsible for another Bronx shooting on Sept. 22, this one less than a block from the first crime, in which another man was hit in the leg. The teen hasn’t been charged in that case.

Cops charged the teen with two counts of attempted murder and weapons possession. He was arraigned in Bronx Criminal Court.

Police say the teen is a Young Gunna, a gang affiliated with the Bloods. All three of the victims are members of Old Kingsbridge Block 1300, known as the OKBs, a subset of the Crips.

The boy’s first time in a holding cell was in 2018 — when he was about 10 or 11 — for menacing someone with a weapon, police said.

His arrest record includes multiple misdemeanor and felony assaults, gang assault, criminal mischief, menacing, possession of a loaded firearm and criminal possession of stolen property after he was found with a stolen motorcycle, cops said.

Earlier this year, cops arrested him on grand larceny charges, authorities said.